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Date: September 25, 2022

23 thoughts on “Lilii Moon H live! webcams for YOU!

  1. If I were you, I'd reject the favor and tell your mom to kick sand because she's a lousy excuse of a mother. Once you're gone she might realize her mistakes.

  2. i actually loled at this…….did you husband like to tell the tale? mine definitely wouldn’t have! 😂

  3. Her reaction though? OP’s sister isn’t the only one that’s crazy. OP is insane, too. Her husband leaves so, what, she’ll kill her kid, blow her brains out, and leave the other kid without a mom? Fucking hell, she needs to be involuntarily committed.

  4. I would tell him he first needs to find another job. I would also tell him that you refuse to be a step mother to any child he has with someone else so if she keeps the baby he can go on-line with her.

  5. He actually treats me super well. He doesn't treat me like a disorder like my other ex did. I never felt lesser then him. He always treated me as a equal if not better.

    He is super supportive in my career and is actually helping me threw college right now. He actually tutor me in math because I didn't understand it and was super patient. He never once tried to control my money and actually offers to pay for stuff all the time. He doesn't expect anything from me besides trying my best.

    All my friends he's been super sweet too. He has never once bad mouth anyone of my friends or family even the ones who bad mouth him and I have full respect for him for that. He actually tried to get me to forgive them. I'm definitely the hot headed one.

    He's the most supportive person that's in my life. During the hardest time of my life he held me and was there just letting me be upset. He never Invalides my feeling and wants whatever best.

  6. No means no, dude. If she keeps saying “no” to dates, it means she doesn't want to go out with you. Take the hint and move on.

  7. You don't. Not if she doesn't want to get back together.

    You should proceed with your life as though you're never going to get back together. Grieve your relationship, and then move on. Date other people, make new friends, get on with your life. In time, you'll find that this is all a distant memory.

  8. Not all 14 year olds

    Enough of them are shy and awkward and innocent or ignorant or just plain uncomfortable around guys that are not their very close relatives for the rule to be applied to everyone, just in case.

    I mean there are youngsters who think they are ready for sex at age 15 (look at that Milo Yiannopoulos for example), but there are enough youngsters that don't, that lawmakers in countries that take children's feelings into account (ie not places like Afghanistan and Yemen), have universally forbidden sex with youngsters. The few who think they are ready, have to get an adult to break the law, or wait till they're old enough.

  9. Your welcome. If it makes you feel any better (and maybe it wont rn but hopefully you can hold onto this thought for later), you're going to heal from this and go on to meet someone who truly values you while he's going to continue to hurt those around him and probably take many years to develop enough to form deep, fulfilling attachments. He's all talk rn but he's going to do the same thing to this new woman that he did to you and thats sad when you really think about it. The best revenge would be to take good care of yourself and go on to bigger and better things with a smile on your face. Wishing you strength on your journey!

  10. Tell her you’re going to need her to start paying rent and half the bills due to financial stress. See how she takes it. I suspect you have found yourself a hobosexual, my friend.

  11. Trans women are not biological women. If they were, you wouldn’t need to say trans. They are free to identify as a woman, but that doesn’t change the fact that they were born biologically male and with a penis. No amount of surgery can ever give them real female genitalia. Also, circumcision is a night vs day comparison to bottom surgery.

  12. Religious bigotry has nothing to do with race (and Muslims exist in every race). But religion IS a protected class in some parts of the world and is probably something you could report to HR if you could somehow prove it. At any rate, your friend is insensitive (and possibly a bigot) so you'd be totally justified in choosing to no longer be friendly with him. Or you could point out to him how off base this was and explain to him why he should never do anything like that again. It kind of comes down to whether you believe he truly holds hate in his heart or if he's just dopey and has a lame sense of humor.

  13. And if he doesn't ….who cares? Maybe try being friends with him? I actually wouldn't try a relationship. You should work on your self esteem. Insecurity isn't a cute look and it sounds like you would self sabotage before you even gave him a chance to like you. Just see where things go naturally at dance class

  14. This one is really easy.

    Dump him. He’s toxic and gross. He literally said it’s women’s faults they’re sexually assaulted. He is a super creep.

    You’re waaaay too young to feel stuck with someone that clearly hates women, and will try to control you and make you feel horrible for being yourself.

  15. The problem with that is if she never tells him, she’s more likely to do that shit again since she got away with it the first time. If she really feels remorse, then she’d tell her husband, and take what consequences come along with it.

  16. If this person doesn’t prioritize their relationship with you to a reasonable extent, then you should reconsider the relationship.

  17. Y'all are both adults. I've met people in their 40s that don't have their shit together & people in their 20s that are rockstars. Everyone is different. If it works it works. 🤙

  18. She's being very weird. She demands you go out, but when you do she goes insane? I think the whole “you should go out on Fridays” thing is supposed to be a test, and you're supposed to actually stay home and do whatever she says instead.

    You talk about how great she is, but then you say she won't listen to you and belittles your opinions, and apparently throws these tantrums when you don't psychically know what she meant instead of what she said. You need to understand that even awful, abusive partners are frequently great to be around for much of the time. The confusion from that is a lot of where they get their control, because you just keep waiting for them to be nice again.

    No rational grown-up person sets their partner up the way she's doing to you. This level of controls is not OK. Maybe she needs to get a life outside your house. Maybe you need to just break up. Staying like this, things are only going to get worse, though.

  19. Exactly this like boohoo. I'm sorry for him poor guy can't keep it in his pants and be faithful. He must be going through the most. Its so naked cheating on your partner and being forgiven and then breaking her trust again.

    Also lying to her face everyday must have been so difficult. Come on OP this isnt some fairytale relationship you are with a cheater that doesn't give a shit about your relationship or your respect.

    You can stay with him sure.. if this is honestly the life u want. With a man that disregards u and u cant trust worth a damn. That's not gonna be a very happy relationship bt u will be in denial tho. So that much is up to u.

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