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  1. You shouldn’t rely on a guy to buy you things, obviously. But, his response means he doesn’t care about you. Dump him.

  2. OP, if you read this I think you should have an honest conversation with your wife. Don't lie as it will make her question herself. Don't let her think she did something wrong. There is no way to make it less hurtful but be kind. Dont talk about what you plan to do after you break up. Your wife and your relationship with her may become bitter after this talk. Accept that you will lose her and that she and her family will cut you off for good. I don't think there's a chance to remain friendly after this kind of revelation.

    I'm really sorry for OP's wife like may other commenters but I just don't understand why people keep saying one's DNA is not special. It might not be special for you but it can be special for that person. I have 4 year old boy. I know many here would call him just another crotch goblin but he is special to me. He's speacial to my husband and our families. He will be special for his friends and partner one day. So it doesn't matter if you find OP's DNA and thus biological child to be special or not. It will be special to him and continue to be just like that for others as they grow.

    Adoption is not for everybody. Adopting just because you're not able to have a kid does not always end in a good way. We hear many stories where the seemingly infertile couple go on to have a kid just to neglect the adopted one. We see many extended families who do not welcome the adopted child. Also we see many adopted children who reunite with their biological family just to ignore the family that raised them. Having a biological kid has it's own risks. But maybe OP is ready to face these risks but not the ones that come with adopting. He says he doesn't want it. Also adopted children deserve parents that genuinely want them.

    I'm sorry for OP's wife but it's not fair for her to be tolerated by OP just because they have a good marriage rather than being accepted as she is by another person. He may accept not having a biological kid eventually or he may grow resentful of her. It's not fair to that woman.

    OP can divorce but it doesn't mean that he will be able to find a partner to have a kid with. Still he might be happy that he tried to make his dream come through even though he failed. He might be unhappier if he stays and just waits doing nothing.

  3. I personally find it strange as fuck that she got like that all of a sudden after and during a party

    Why? It's extremely common for people to get sentimental and lovey-dovey when drinking, it's one of the primary effects. You should see a women's bathroom at a bar, everyone is best friends in the bathroom.

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