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  1. Not really. Plenty of people have their exes on their insta, snap, Facebook, etc and the posts are not catered to them lol

  2. I don’t know if this is due to self destructive behavior

    I think you're onto something here. I think her longing for a life of hot drugs again might be confusing her into desiring someone she associates with that life.

    If those two fucked on opiates, then we shouldn't be surprised that it's the best sex of her life (sorry) but it's unhealthy because it's chemically fueled.

    Choosing you would be choosing life and I think that's where she will end up when she's sober.

  3. I don’t talk to this guy art , i only met him in passing one time before , people were walking in and out form the garage to the living room/kitchen so i wasn’t completely alone , Damian (who was barely buzzed ) even said we were down the hallway but from where he was sitting (he’s in a wheelchair in the corner not moving) he could not confirm if we were both in the bathroom together. I truly do not remember anything. Art supposedly doesn’t remember anything but i don’t know him , i don’t talk to him , i never even looked his way earlier that night. The two girls coming in and out of the garage were not black out drunk they were buzzed/tipsy but very conscious. We thought we were in a safe space so we’re weren’t so concerned with having a leash on everyone and Kris was walking in and out checking on everyone. My bf stepped in the garage to show kris and his nephew his motorcycle and then came back in. This all happened supposedly within the span of like 5 minutes ? I truly don’t remember a damn thing. The girl Laura said she saw something but didn’t wanna say what due to it probably hurting my BF’s feelings, so to me and to everyone else that implies something not good. My pants we’re supposedly down as well. I’m sorry in your world two people can’t be black out drunk at the same time ??

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