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  1. Poor poor you. Poor little bitch of a man can’t find the strength to leave but he can find the strength to strangle his girlfriend. I feel SO sorry for you.

    Hey fucker. You’re a liar.

  2. I dated someone like this, and manipulated me into the same sort of financial position you're in. I was always the bad guy, I'd bring up a boundary and be told I was wrong and horrible, he'd push me away and pull me back, and one day I snapped and we had a similar story of conversation, where he acknowledged that he was playing games with me, and promised to work on it.

    Spoiler alert; he didn't. Oh, he pretended to for a time, but we were together almost 4 years by that point, and he fell back into old behaviours in a month. We broke up several months later, after I just emotionally withdrew from him completely. I still regret staying with that man past my 2nd year of dating him, cause that year was when I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with our relationship.

    And when we did break up, all of a sudden I had so much money, I didn't even know what to do with it. I hadn't spent a cent on me in years, and all of my money went to my bills, his bills, and food, events and treats for him and good god, I never realised how much I held myself back until he was gone.

    And then it took me a few years to properly heal from dating him. I had to unlearn my fear of speaking my mind and setting boundaries. I had to unlearn dropping all my money on someone's whims (they never expected it of me, and it came fairly quickly). I had to unlearn not trusting my instincts and finally started to weed out the shitty dates from the good people.

    And then I met the most amazing person in the world. And we moved in together, and adopted two dogs, and had a kid and now have another on the way, and I have never been happier. We have strong communication skills and rely on eachother for everything. We are a wonderful team, and laugh together every day. We have significantly more sex than my ex and I ever did, and it's miles better in every way because there is a foundation of love and respect between us. And we've grown together, and worked through our pasta together, and supported eachother through horrible life events. And Ive never been safer, happier and more secure, and we're gonna grow old and die together, cause he's definitely the one.

    You can't find that unless you grow away from the toxicity. And she has been in this habit with you for far too long…you need to heal seperately. I don't doubt that she can heal if she truly wants to, but you cannot do it together, it won't work, and you two will fall into old habits.

    But if you step away, your future will be bright.

  3. I am late too because I have a shop and there is always something going on.

    That’s why when I am late,I make sure my friends have company and I always call if I am more than ten minutes late.But leaving someone waiting in the car for more the 20’-30’ is really shity.The least he could do is invite her in his house to wait on the living room .

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