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Date: September 27, 2022

5 thoughts on “A I S H A live webcams for YOU!

  1. I’m just here cause my parents divorced after 38 years and I’m still fucked up about it. My Mom is super happy, has a new boyfriend and all. My Dad is depressed and alone. I want to help him so badly, but he refuses to help himself. He won’t get on dating sites. Shit. He won’t even get a new kitty cat. It’s like he wants to be alone. But he doesn’t. He’s like me, which is stupid an complicated as fuck. I want attention, but only when I want it. Other than that, leave me alone. God, how gross of me? Once I spell it out, I cringe

  2. If he is bringing this up now out of the blue I am not sure how you wouldn’t be insulted.

    If it was something he always knew he was going to want and you spoke about it before it is more forgivable.

  3. Have a life away from each other. Go out with friends, get a hobby, anything that will give you time for yourself. You wont have much to talk about if you're always around each other. 3 months only though and its already stagnant? It seems so quick to already go through that.

  4. I'm going to use labels, but generally I don't like to do that. I think that is the choice of the person in question, but for this reply I need to. You obviously feel that you are bi but after being in a relationship with a woman you aren't attracted anymore … because she isn't male. This probably means that if you are bi, you are leaning more towards men than women. Do you have a problem with that? Does being considered gay make you feel uncomfortable? Was getting with this woman a ploy to prove something? To try and force a square peg in a round hole? Does you gf know that you like men or were in a relationship with a man? If yes, then I would talk to her about this. The worst that could happen is that you break up and it looks like in order to be happy that's going to happen. By talking to her about how you feel, and I would not say you're not attracted to her but rather you are finding you want to be with men. If you truly love her and she loves you, you might find a compromise in that you could have an open relationship where you have sex separately or together with a 3rd (or 4th). In the end life can be messy and there is no good solution here, so you're just going to have to follow your heart in the direction in which to go.

  5. Thank you for the input! I honestly tried. Every time me and my boyfriend would go out for an event (bowling etc.) id invite them too. But the reverse has never happened. But I agree, I am not dating them, I just try to care less about random peoples opinions.

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