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Date: September 19, 2022

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  1. You need to tell him cause he needs to get treated aswell. Your not at fault nothing is wrong with you. It’s your chose what you do with your life. But you should tell him.

  2. This is probably not the worst idea but you will probably change your mind. Where do you find the men you date?

  3. You are young, you don't know yet how to detect red flags that i'm pretty sure you missed all this time. You finally caught a lie, forget about her and get more experience so next time you choose better your partner.

  4. I wouldn't consider that cheating, but, try imagining your bf doing the same thing, either with another woman or even a man.

  5. Maybe her words are genuine, that’s a very real possibility. But humans and their relationships are complicated.. just because she says she wants out doesn’t mean she will take the steps. It’s an incentive to her maybe to have someone already lined up, but I do believe this is something she needs to do on her own. If not, you can grow resentment if the process takes a lot of time, it can not incentivize her as well if she gets to have her cake and eat it too. She can grow to regret this as she will not experience alone time to grow..

    I would keep it friendly and low contact and see if she follows through. I personally don’t think people should leave one relationship for another.. it’s a bad start. Better she chooses to leave and wants you too.

  6. Well, I come from an Indian family. I think they are right to be worried and angry because anything could've happened and I got lucky that they were quick to respond. It's just that, as long as it was anger over the incident it was understandable.. I just don't know how it came on to questioning my loyalty and character

  7. I get your worries man, having another child is a huge change in your life.

    My wife is already 51 and we have 2 kids, we started a bit late (I was 30 when our daughter was born and my wife was 37), and after the second was born my wife had some complications so she is afraid to get pregnant again so we closed the shop with 2 kids.

    I did try to ask her for another child but she is in so much fear of it so I gave up, but if the option would have presented itself, I would happily say YES! having a child, in calculation is tough, but the rewards afterward are enormous and there are almost (yes almost) no people who regret having another child. and if you compare to people who wanted to have another child and didn't, the regret is undoubtingly is on the side of the ones who decided not to have a child.

    So, to conclude, having another child now, when you are wiser and more experienced, but not that old, can be a wonderful exciting experience for your both. so if you let your wife win the argument and have another baby, you will eventually be very happy with your choice.

    No matter what happen, good luck!

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  9. Exactly, OP talk to her and have an honest conversation. You never know if the feelings are mutual and you may develop something beautiful and healthy that will be beneficial for both of you and well as your kids.

  10. Currently 31 and I can’t imagine wanting anything to do with someone less than about 24. Either post college or at least a handful of real world years under the belt.

  11. This conversation should have been had before you guys moved in. But i guess better late than never. You both have to agree on who is allowed to come over and for how long. And i believe its kind of hypocritical to expect him to pay for a week if your man is not gonna pay for a weekend.

  12. Nope, tell him to kick rocks. You'll save in your own account and he'll save in his own. When it comes time to purchase a house you'll put in 50% and he'll put in 50% and you get a deed with both names on it.

  13. None of your non-reality scenarios apply when there are potential consequences for the victim. That's an individual choice.

    Even your posting here, and the OP reading, might create some guilt or concern in her mind, which is adding to the same burden the boyfriend is creating. The offender is the boss, the blame lies with him, and OP should choose the path that she feels is safe, and has the amount of confrontation she is comfortable with. The guy shouldn't get away with it, but laying it at her feet is bullshit.

    Last reply. Piss off.

  14. I agree. She is monogamous and I am accepting it and respecting it. Never cheated before and never plan to.

  15. Understanding what you read is important. Because then you would know how to answer a question properly. I didn't ask if I was being obsessive. In fact, I didn't ask about my behavior at all. So I'm not sure why you're adding anything extra. If you don't can't answer the question that's being asked. Then why are you responding?

  16. So people don't cheat live? Again, the cheating I was referring to would be sending a message and having an actual sexual conversation with the person in question. That is the point where they are engaging sexually. I am extremely confused how you don't understand that would be considered cheating by monogamous people.

  17. Thanks. Toughest thing I've ever had to go through. I guess I'm using this more as a vent than anything so I'm sorry for that, I just don't have anyone else to talk to about this. I'm 26 and we've been together since I was 18. All that time down the drain

  18. Respectfully I don’t know why people need to ask what to do if they have been dating someone for such a short time. You leave. It’s been 3 months. That is still the try on period leave his sorry ass.

  19. Versus, someone who's trying to ruin a marriage and a family? He made his choice, sweetie. It wasn't you.

    I have several platonic male friends, and I would never act the way that you're acting. They absolutely should be putting their wife before me.

  20. Let me also add here as well. We connected to one another so deeply. It wasn’t puppy love. Even though you guys may think differently. I’ve been alone without dating for two years before that. It’s also been over 5 years since I’ve been in a serious relationship. I have a track record of being alone and single. Trust me when I say that it definitely was a strong connection.

    It was a short time but it never felt rushed or like we were over stepping. It felt right, my family and friends all supported me 100% because I’ve never experienced anything like this with someone and I’ve been married and divorced.

    Priorities are straight. I always put my kids first, in everything. Moving to the west coast is the goal/dream, I just don’t have any way to do that financially and still make plenty of time with my kids since I’d have to be working 24/7 to afford that. I as a mother made the decision a long long time ago to not make a fuss or fight over who gets the kids in this situation.

    I’d much rather let them learn, grow and support them as much as I can from afar. When I see them k cherish every second. I also fly out to visit them very often. So to anyone out there, really.. mind your own business. I put my kids first in every situation. I’ve never introduced my kids to someone for a reason as well. Especially when my kids moved 3 years ago out of state. I’m not taking any opportunities away from them. I want what’s best for them.

    I’m the type of person who thinks about every scenario constantly. When I say left field.. I mean there were no warning signs or red flags. I was bamboozled and I’m a clown.

    Back to focusing on money and kids only.

    Thank you to everyone who’s left such sweet words. I appreciate it. I’m going to try my hardest to focus on myself.

  21. If you are moving in then I see it as contributing not crossing a line, but don't just go buy one and risk him not liking it. Tell him it's your contribution and you'd like to put X$ into it and go shopping together.

  22. Even as an intrusive though it’s extremely unusual. I have OCD and I have very intrusive thoughts, never had one about violent murder. Not saying it’s not possible but I’ve never met another person who was like that except ONE man, who went on to abuse his partner. Luckily she left.

    How did your conversation go? What is your gut saying? Was he very willing to discuss it? Was he honest? This isn’t a 10 minute kind of talk, it’s a long talk where he apologizes for scaring you, saying he understands how his words are frightening. Saying he will consider therapy. Literally so much needs to be known. You need to know EVERYTHING after a conversation like that and he needs to be willing and open to share all of it .

  23. Oh so you’re using your girlfriend’s depression as an excuse to keep cheating on her?

    How about you man up and tell her the truth instead of sneaking around behind her back?

  24. Thanks so much for the reply. He has lots of female friends that I’m completely ok with, those are even closer to him. It’s just this one has overstepped boundaries and he never could stand his ground with her and ask her to knock it off. Didn’t know if it’s because he’s not confrontational and too nice or because he feels something for her

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