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  1. Thank you. No she doesn’t get out of the house much except from working. As we are both young, most of our friends drifted from us as it became nude to raise our son during covid whilst making time for friends, it was too much of a risk in some cases so we became very dependant on each other. We both hit rock bottom but I got myself a good job to try and turn things round for my son’s sake, things have got better now as we don’t struggle financially anymore but it seems we focused so much on all our other responsibilities that we did lose sight of our own relationship. I just feel abit lost now, I think we both do.

  2. Losing a parent is different for all of us, but given that yes, any little thing can trigger that wound, combined with him actually saying, in words, to not connect the two is important. I have to ask if he’s ever made you think that he’s not honest? Because that kind of communication is either a really emotionally available thing to say about himself, or it’s a….pretty manipulative lie.

  3. You did the right thing. You assessed the situation for safety, you intervened in a way that didn't escalate the situation, and you called for help.

  4. If you guys are talking then all you can do is put your cards on the table.

    “I didn't think talking to friends about their prospects would be this damaging and I'll give up pr0n in a heartbeat. You tell me what you want done and we'll do it.”

    If her response is still lukewarm or “Its over”? Then you've done what you can. You're willing to work on things to fix things… but she's checked out. You already said their were problems and this is just the final straw. So maybe she was simply looking for a reason as she already wanted out?

    Do your best, offer your 100% and then take her response.

    Good luck and yeah… it sucks lol.

  5. Your mum is reliving the betrayal and hurt every time you go to your dad’s. Ultimately it is your choice, you’re an adult and you can decide who you’d like to keep in your life.

    PS. Your dad cheated, with someone almost two decades younger, then left his wife and married the AP. That’s one of the worst things a person can do. Your dad put his lust and feelings over his family. He has proven to be unreliable.

    I hope your mum manages to move on in life.

    But as stated you are an adult, make the choice that you feel is right.

  6. Good question: is it a deal break for YOU?

    Only you can decide that.

    Do you want to spend the rest of your life married to amn that has no respect or love for you, that has cheated your entire relationship and will continue to do so?

    If no – then end the engagement, block contact and move on.

    If yes – congrats on a doomed and/or miserable marriage.

    For me this is a deal breaker. Especially because he did this so in depth and sneakily for the entire relationship. I would dump him and block all contact. Because what he did would tell me he does not love or respect me. He only cares about himself and dipping his mini-me into anything he can.

    It's your choice. Choose the life you want for yourself.

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