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  1. He doesn’t know why? Seriously? He’s just emasculated, feeling like in the competition in his mind between him and your ex, he lost. He’s “not as good in bed”. It’s that simple.

    If he had never had an erection when with you, for example, but used to get one and enjoy sex with his ex, wouldn’t you feel like he’s just not as attracted to you? Like you were… “less sexy”, at least in his eyes?

    Some men have a naked time understanding female sexuality, because we tend to have a lot more aspects at play than just pressing the right buttons, or the simple physical aspects of it. He needs to understand that a woman’s orgasm is also deeply related to her feelings towards her own body, trust, etc. And since we don’t have such an obvious “joystick” that screams “grab here” when we are excited, it sometimes requires a steeper learning curve for your specific partner.

    He just needs to accept his feeling as jealousy and then come to terms with the fact that it reflects his own insecurity and is not based on anything factual. Your ex wasn’t better, he knew you better eventually. He’ll get there.

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