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  1. You can love someone and still walk away. The situation with your girlfriend is messing up your mental health. Walk away, somewhere there is a better partner for you.

  2. Solely on this issue talk to your mother. He is being kind for letting you be the one to do it since it is your mother rather than causing a rift much harder to work around.

    While you should take steps to be good to your in-laws, having to spend half your weeknights with them with a separate residenceis unreasonable.

    Be straight with her. You feel like you don’t get time with your husband and kids as a family when she stays long on those days, it would mean a lot to you to have that time if she could leave by X . Making it about your husband causes your husband to be the issue. Giving mom a chance to not cross boundaries you set, gives a shot at no one being upset.

    Set some boundaries. This is a very reasonable ask.

  3. I would not worry about it and if you do cross the street. You and your girlfriend don't owe him anything. Live! your lives and be happy.

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