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  1. What has DeSantis done to make LBGT and minorities miserable or dead? Prove me wrong and I'll vote all blue in the next election.

  2. I’m sorry, the Lasik thing is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever read. Glasses might get in the way of having kids? What does that even mean?

    He sounds like an immature, controlling douche.

  3. Maybe you can go online with Bob and Sarah when your fiancée inevitably realizes you care more about their feelings than hers

    Seriously, your fiancée did not do anything to deserve Sarah’s reign of terror and the fact these people are not only still in your lives, but that you had the audacity to make him be a groomsman and invite them to wedding events that Sarah ruins is awful.

    Sarah will ruin the wedding, but you’ll be busy making excuses for Bob and blaming your fiancée.

  4. Well done! This reminds me of the situation where the (ex) boyfriend kept telling the poster that she smelled bad. It turns out it was a manipulation tactic to make her feel insecure so that she wouldn't leave. Guess what- she left! Life is too short to have to put up with emotional abuse

  5. A lot of companies lie about stuff like that so because it says empirical evidence on the box doesn’t necessarily mean that. Be careful, because not all manufacturers or developers are honest and factual, even though they say it.

  6. If she never brought it up and you have some doubt about rejection. You both should do it slowly, maybe offer a part your closet. Change the house style to more cosy like since we men do not really care much. I think she simply cannot imagine herself living there so try to make more imaginable.

    Good luck

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