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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Yea. I don’t even know… is it even salvage at this point? He had access to my nudes (face scratched out, learned my lesson from my ex) and he still choose porn and still choose to betray my boundary that he agreed to. He says he uses it for the “audio” but most searches are of a porn star Alina Rai

  2. Honestly, I can understand and empathize with what your gf has been through. However, you protected her. If she can't see that simple fact, and would rather you let them do something worse like rape her, maybe she's not the one for you. You don't want a woman that's going to expect you to let men break into your house and do whatever they please with absolutely no repercussion.

    And this is coming from a woman. If my husband didn't do his best to protect me, I'd see that as a failure.

  3. You've been together for a decade. That should logically mean you're (the collective you – as in the both of you) way beyond the point of not knowing what you're supposed to be doing. With no other context, it'd be easy to look at this entirely surface level in that he made a move and you essentially told him no. Let's assume you weren't in the mood, whatever it was.

    You continued to be cuddly. Pretty straightforward behavior. But here's where we'd need to know more about your relationship. Does cuddling always mean one or both of you are hinting at making things sexual? If so, maybe you stopping him but then continuing came off as confusing given the dynamic of your relationship. You'll have to let us know.

    But then he gets up in a huff essentially. Says he's upset and didn't know what you wanted. That brings me back to being completely confused that a situation like this even exists after a decade. Like you don't know each other. Like you don't communicate at all.

    That's when it gets further strange, because the situation as it happened was entirely in fact surface level. He needs you to explicitly say “don't do this?” If you were early into dating, maybe that'd be understandable despite “stop that” being perfectly clear. But once again, you're 10 years in.

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