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  1. I was in a similar situation to you and it was one of the reasons my relationship ended. Couples counseling is usually the path many people take, if she’s receptive to that.

    There could be many issues at play here contributing to her sex drive. Does she feel appreciated, beautiful, etc. when she’s with you? Is she overwhelmed or tired from her job/responsibilities? And is it just sex, or has ALL intimacy stopped? Kissing, hugging, hand holding, etc?

    Also, if you stop trying to initiate she likely won’t notice or will be relieved if there are deeper issues.

  2. You guys have both agreed to play an unhealthy game in your relationship. If you decide it's time to stop the dysfunction, then you can be yourself, stop lying, and stop trying to pacify her.

  3. Bf learned his manipulation skills from the same guy who taught the “your vagina smells bad” guy.

    This is psychological warfare, and so far he’s winning.

  4. Really the damage was done the moment your uncles decided to play hero and call him a snowflake. Even that tho you could’ve saved things by speaking up but then this here is the crazy part that I don’t get you decided not to go with him to the hotel. Like bruh. He isn’t violent just angry his girl let him down

    I didn't go with him because he talked over every attempt I had to apologize, then further slung insults at my family., the rest of whom did nothing to him. I didn't speak at first during their srgument, but I did tell my uncle to stop. I didn't know what else to do other than that when he insulted him.

  5. I think i dud that to remind him that when you move in with someone, they're expecting more than s boyfriend you see just for fun. When you live with someone, you want a functional adult who pays bills, and does their share of the shopping laundry cooking cleaning etc.

  6. Tell your grandmother to go find another husband for her if she wants a marriage so bad. You’re not even 20, way too young, even if you love and care for your relationship

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