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  1. Yeah there's no way to bring that up without being like yeah I didn't trust you so I took the time to read this entire email. You need to let it go or leave and in the future refrain from doing that.

  2. Ah yes the alpha man stereotype of acknowledging how something made you feel and letting the person know how their actions affected you.

    While you have the new age mature male who mans up and keeps their feelings to themselves. ??‍♀️

  3. The point of marriage is to meet needs by using restriction to create something more powerful. If it's just restriction without product it's pointless restriction. Sex is exclusive in order for it to be special. It's a need. Fundamentally it's an issue of either he is into meeting needs, or he's into offering neglect.

    Right now he's abusing exclusivity and its purpose through neglect.

  4. Rather than focusing on “moving past it,” have you discussed proactive steps to avoid it happening again? You should BOTH be taking precautions. Maybe setting up a system would reassure her you're taking it 100% seriously. (Not saying you aren't, but she may not see it that way).

    No judgement… this happens. Parents are sleep deprived and running on autopilot. It only takes one brain fart to cause a tragedy, and someone, somewhere, makes that mistake every day. Nobody ever thinks it will be them, but show me someone 100% infallible and I'll show you a liar.

    One of the best pieces of advice I've heard is to leave one of your shoes in the back seat with the baby every time you strap them in.

    No matter how distracted you are, no matter how silent the kid is, when you get out of the car and start walking with one bare/sock foot, you'll notice.

  5. There’s nothing wrong with not drinking, and you already know that. You didn’t need to make a joke out of it, but you did. Why? To make it okay that your friend was disparaging your bf’s choices. Why?

    Your bf doesn’t need to make excuses for not drinking. The way he reacts is blood in the water for people like this “friend” who probably prides themselves on “telling it like it is.” Bf either needs to get some backbone and stop being insecure about his choices to not drink, or not blame you for your friend's shitty behavior. He didn’t need to take it out on you. But he did. Why?

    The way bf talked to you is actually not okay. I totally understand that you feel badly about hurting his feelings, but you were stuck in a bad place between them. Should you have defended him? Yes. Should his entire night have hinges on that one small social misstep? Absolutely not. And you shouldn’t be this bent out of shape about it.

    Your friends and your bf both aren’t treating you or each other right, and yet, you’re the only one (presumably) who’s up asking strangers on the internet how to make it right.


  6. She is only offering you friendship through pity. Don’t fall for it. Stop being so negative. The way to deal with it is to give yourself a problem. Your problem is you don’t have any friends. Now start thinking about a solution. How can you find new friends. You need to start getting involved in activities and hobbies where you have the chance to meet people and make friends. Constantly being negative is not a solution my friend. You are better than this.

  7. When it’s bad, it is a emotional and psychological hell that I am in a cycle of popping in and out of at least 1 time a month for obscure, irrational reasons.

    Sorry to break it too you but this isn't normal for a healthy loving relationship at all. Lifelong relationships need more than love to be successful.

    This isn't love.

  8. I mean I would love if my fiance bought me lingerie for a special occasion. That way I know he loves it. Maybe just do it along with some flowers and chocolates. I'm not every woman though, so it depends on your girlfriend. I'd never be offended by that though!

  9. You are a fucking awful , vile man. You are a terrible husband and will be a awful father. Your wife may have a scar (from defending you , you piece of shit) but YOU are the ugly one through and through .

  10. That’s why he’s dating 5 years younger. It isn’t a huge age gap but it is a meaningful gap when you’re years past standard college graduation age, online with your parents, want to continue living with your parents until your 30s, and want to be a dj.

    So dating someone who may even have a year left of college or a few years of grad school ahead before she realistically dips her toes into the (non dj, hopefully) job market, this saves him a lot of the “I am as grown as you are and have x education and y job and z living situation…, what do you bring to the table besides slightly more advanced (sounding) philosophical conversations?

  11. They only start working when the person is in their 40’s and established. My mom is 16 years younger than her husband (now 60 & 76 but 45 & 61 when they met)

    90% of the time giant age gaps are toxic though

  12. Have you tried therapy for this? This could help you immensely IMO.

    The thing is, you’ll never be able to predict the future. You’ll never know if a relationship will work out as you hope.

    If you’re not ready to expérience hope, love and potential loss yet, it just means you need more time to heal.

  13. Definitely married or just a whole catfish messing with OP for shits and giggles.

    Also why in the everloving name is this called dating?

    This man shows u no affection OP he can't call u…

    Probs because he has a wife and kids same reason he can't meet u until his wife and kids leave off somewhere.

    This isn't a relationship sorry.. cut ur losses and block him.

  14. It sounds like he gave you feedback in that he feels like you go looking for trouble. Your behavior the other night was pretty stalker like.

    Most people want some autonomy. They want trust. They don’t want to be constantly questioned about where they are, what they’re doing, and go they’re with. And reaching out to his parents was ridiculous.

    I’m not sure what any of this has to do with him not bringing up long term things like marriage. But I sure as hell wouldn’t date let alone marry someone who kept tabs on me like that.

    The only time my partner and I turn on location services if I’m going somewhere shady for a wildlife rescue/transport. If I get kidnapped or assaulted or something, I want him to know where to send the police if I’m not home when I said I’d be. And sometimes I do it when I’m trail riding my horses in case I get tossed and don’t get home as planned, I want someone to be able to find me.

    The way you’re using the product isn’t healthy.

    Your behavior is concerning.

  15. As far as your title – Most couples would still be together if someone didn’t cheat. That’s why they broke up. So that means nothing.

    However, him bringing her up the way he does, that’s not ok. There is definitely a hang up there.

  16. How really the most pressing point, but how does this come out of no where with your wife. She been hiding it? Something new thanks to Reddit/porn?

    So there are boundary/respect issues and then the nature of the fetish itself. You’re going to need to work through how she didn’t discuss this with you as well as figure out if you can support her new kink… and if so under what conditions.

  17. I would literally never text another woman in that way ever again. I know now that it was the worst thing I can ever do and just wish we could Back to being together.. I’ll do whatever it takes, whatever that may be…

  18. Talking door slamming

    I worked with a woman like this for a few years

    I'll never forget her slamming her way into our bosses office (empty at the time) and the entire blinds down two walls all fell to the floor and on her (she didnt get her way over something)

    The tantrum when she was told “no, I wont be fixing it for you” was better

    Like the partner here

    30 years old with a maturity of a 4yr old

    Then my best man, his ex was another slammer and he fitted a deep carpet so she couldnt slam the doors

    When she tried and failed he would shout “Bang”

    Both of them had serious psychological issues and I bet this guy has as well

  19. Didn’t read all of the comments here, but seems like everyone is hung up on the kiss. To be clear, you cheated on him and that’s a huge issue. You need to evaluate yourself and figure out what let you get to that point, and never EVER do it again. You cannot be unfaithful in a monogamous relationship – it will destroy your relationship, your self esteem, your partners self esteem, and everything else good.

    That being said, to me the cheating is irrelevant to this particular relationship only because you guys sound completely incompatible. You should have broken up before it got to the point of you cheating. Tell your boyfriend you cheated, or not, whatever, just break up with him. There is no salvaging this relationship, even if cheating wasn’t a factor.

    Find someone who you’re more compatible with, and work on yourself in the meantime.

  20. I figured it out now. She reached out to me to breadcrumbing me. Stupid of me thinking that we are going to be back together again ?

  21. He is fucked up. Divorce him and don’t let his selfish comments make your feel guilt for standing up for yourself.

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