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  1. Thank you for your advice and thoughts. You are right, it is not a comfortable place to live! at. I definitely feel like I would grow if I moved out and it would be a good thing to do, but I'm scared of the consequences.

    We are struggling because of this questions as well, though the farm is meant to be his because his brother is more of a city boy, he doesn't care about farming, tractors etc. That's why we also feel like we are stuck in a position where we can do no right. In our country, the son that is supposed to inherit a farm usually stays at home and builds a “flat” in a separate story to have a separate households with his family. And his siblings move out. In this case, his older brother, golden child as you rightfully put it, took that floor (“because he was first” as mother put it) and made himself his own flat. Now it's on my BF to navigate how he/we will make our living situation to take care of a farm. It's a mess.

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