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Date: September 18, 2022

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  1. Right!?! ?? We honestly never know how these things will turn out, but it tends to be never what we thought. I do love your heart, though. It's tough, keep that spirit and keep rockin you! Big hugs and good looking out, for serious!

  2. It's bad if you planned it that way. If it was just bad timing with the breakup (holidays can make you realize things) and you didn't plan it like that just so you could get gifts… given gifts belongs to the person that gets them and it's not wrong to keep them. I feel like it would be more wrong to stay just because of gifts, like trying to pay them off or something.

  3. I could never forgive any of that, if I am being honest. It wouldn't be possible to come back from that.

  4. OP -what is your definition of love? Because it's not just a thing for ONE person to feel. It's something that should be between TWO. It's called “relationship” for a reason. “LOVE” is not a word. It's an action, and I see your actions as exemplifying love, but your fiance doesn't even try to match your level of commitment.

    OP -you do realize that you gave your reading audience ALL kinds of reasons you two should NOT marry, right? Why are you not reading back over your own misgivings about him? Because your misgivings are just as important as marriage. And you should not enter into a marriage with this many misgivings.

    I've seen it before, OP. “I was too scared NOT to marry you!” So if you're soliciting advice now, it's pretty clear that you say you're in love with a man who seems to behave like a child. He is immature and lazy. If that's who you want in your life -GO FOT IT. We cannot stop you with good advice from doing something that you will most likely regret -and sooner rather than later.

    Or maybe you'll learn to ignore ALL of his shortcomings and put up with mediocre sex and all the other crap you listed here.

    You delineated a couple of behaviors above which ought to indicate to you (because your reading audience DEFINITELY sees it) that you should not marry this man. If things are this fucked up before you even get married, do you honestly believe they will magically resolve AFTER marriage?

    OP -you are kidding yourself. Don't do it. And if you can't see what I'm saying here, then go to counseling.

  5. Yeah you deserve happiness but so does she.. do you think this is an ideal situation for her? she doesn’t deserve to have to online in the shadow of your perfect life while she watches from the sidelines. It’s really so sad and if you can’t see that and if you can’t understand that then I really just don’t know what to say. Imagine if you were the reason y’all couldn’t have children.. imagine if she met a man of 10 years younger than you and she showed up pregnant because her new partner was able to give her everything you couldn’t. Idk man. Maybe because im a woman I feel particularly sensitive for her. I just really feel so sorry and sad for her.

  6. Do you WANT to get back with her? Also, what does the custody arrangement say? I would stick to that and listen to your lawyer.

    You give your ex money so that she can online comfortably in Thailand and provide for your son. You also set aside money for his collegefund. She wants to get back together with you after you denied to increase the amount of money. Huge red flag for me If you decide to get back together, get a pre-nup, keep finances separate and cover your butt.

  7. Hey man, I'm roughly your age and I hit up the bar scene frequently. I can't tell you how many married women, women in relationships, or engaged women at bachelorette parties fuck around. If they aren't sleeping with guys, they are grinding or making out with random men. Maybe not every night, but if she's out to 10 AM consistently then it's happened more than once. I bet you if you looked at her phone you'd find numbers from tons of strange dudes.

  8. How many times will you post this before you realize this woman is a child who will never leave mommy and daddy's nest?

    Go online your life. There are plenty of more compatible people out there who are actual responsible adults.

  9. How nude is it to give him his own space? There are times i have had to struggle because of people like you who won't give me my space.

  10. Thank you for your advice, I’m unsure if I’m harbouring feelings. With an ex of a year after everything we went through, I still have some feelings but not enough to end things with Lewis or start anything new with this ex as I know it didn’t work out.

  11. It's because she's a terrible person. She's insecure and resentful of something, and she's taking it out on you. Let her go. There's plenty of people out here who would have zero problem with your penis size, which is perfectly normal.

  12. You aren't in love if you're not even in a relationship, you're just infatuated and should fuck off.

  13. Do you like games? sounds like you do. There is nothing to figure out. If you want to text someone a hello good morning , then do it. It doesnt have to be based on some mysterious formula.

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