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Date: September 10, 2022

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  1. Again, if they’re not reaching out to you, and it’s not a death emergency, just leave it alone. It almost reads like this is some of you dated that was breaking up. We’re going through a hard time and decided not to go with you and for some reason you’re trying to get back around them again and you can’t am I right

  2. But she’s 67kg now which is 147 lbs, so unless she is really short, that’s not overweight at all. I’m 5’7” and about 200 lbs which is very overweight. I haven’t been 147 since I was about 15.

  3. He can't be the type to target 18 year olds. You targeted him.

    Stop overthinking it. You're both college aged and if he's willing to wait two months for a date he probably likes you in a very genuine way

  4. If your partner was a literal young child, too young to make themselves a PBJ (so, like 5), then this would be neglect and abusive. Tell him that and think about it yourself. Partner truly thinks you’re their Mommy.

  5. Sounds like you don't actually believe her, which is the problem. If you are spending this much time thinking about this, it is obviously not okay with you in some way or another.

    There is the actual behavior and then the lying about it. I can't imagine believing her silly little story after she lied about doing it at all, but she is your gf and you are really the only one whose opinion matters.

    Ultimately, it is clear you don't trust her.

  6. weirdly i’m kinda the same way. Most men bore me a lot. I always find myself hanging out with a lot of folks in the lgbtq community. It’s just a totally different interaction type almost.

    Maybe people are threatened by him?

  7. “He was a good Christian man” only means “all the other Christian men approved of his behavior.” -which is abhorrent, by the way.

  8. Do you what your current husband to feel this exact way a few months/years from now when you ruin your marriage? Because it’s the path you are headed.

  9. Sounds like they'd been sleeping separately for 2 years at that point and he'd accused her of cheating when she stayed late for work one night a month or so prior. So the relationship was very much on the rocks and it doesn't sound like there was a lot of trust or stability on either side.

    I think at the point she asked for his phone it was one of those final straw make or break moments of trust, and then when he was willing to show her weeks later she was by that point checked out.

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