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  1. Some people don't get as offened by nudity. My mom had European neighbors growing up and that over time she had seen the mom, dad, son, and daughter go swimming naked at some point but that it was like normal for them, not like they were creepily close. They had a pool in the back yard and my mom in her friends used to watch them from her second floor window. Beside that they seemed normal.

  2. Some limits are not reasonable. And some limits are deep seated in insecurities. As the LGBTQ community likes to say, “are the straights okay?”

    Again, you seem to be missing that I was speaking generally- as opposite sex best friends are a common topic here – and not him specifically.

  3. You are actually the perfect weight for your height. Honestly, I would ask him how much he weighs. Then I would say, zi agree I need to lose some weight, precisely…. say his weight… then walk away.

    If he wanted a skinny tiny girl then that's what he should have gone for.

    This is so disrespectful and hurtful, not to mention harmful. Just be done with him.

  4. You still chose not to believe her and chose to remain ignorant and think ill of her rather than taking 20 seconds to Google her condition. That's not loving behavior and after 5 years of being together, there's no excuse.

    After having COVID, my fiancรฉ broke out horribly in a full body rash that turned out to be psoriasis. He'd been previously undiagnosed because his immune system had suppressed all but a few spots around his eyes for most of his life.

    The first thing I did after he was diagnosed was research everything I could about his condition. I changed laundry, health and beauty, home products, everything that we used, looked up the treatment options available to him, educated myself in the side effects of long-term steroid usage since that was a possible outcome if other treatments failed, everything. Equally, knowing I have chronic migraines, he's learned to help me manage and treat my migraines and we're now going on a journey together of getting me treatment for long COVID after my diagnosis with that.

    “In sickness and in health” is not just a fun saying for shits and giggles. It is a promise you make to the person you're supposed to love most in the world and as such it bears a burden of responsibility. You are responsible for educating yourself on your partner's health issues and doing your part to help care for them. Hypothyroidism is not a 1 in 1million people type of disease. There is zero excuse for you to be married to someone struggling with it and yet be utterly ignorant of every aspect of it. You broke your vows before your ever made them.

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