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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. OP, my heart goes out to you! Your BF is awful if he can’t see (won’t accept!!) a difference between consensual adult sex and SA (on a child, no less). There’s nothing wrong with you, and there is nothing wrong in expecting support from your partner. Not worth the pain, OP. And not a one-off thing: I imagine this is merely a part of a larger behavioral pattern. I hope you are able to engage in therapy and healing.

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  4. She sounds super amazing other than the fact that she cheated, can’t get a job in a super hard economy, and deals with either depression or bipolar.

    Other than those massive red flags, she’s amazing.

  5. Tell her now. So she has some time to process it before she gets back.

    To be honest I would postpone your wedding. This is not a senario that you can rush and with the wedding looming over you it would be easy to go ahead but what happens in 6 months?

    Your now a father to child she isn't the mother of. You will need a co parenting relationship with your baby's mother for the next 18 years. Visitation, maintenance holidays etc. Everything has changed.

    In 8 days not only will she be a newly wed she will also be a step parent to a young baby.

    Step parenting and Co parenting is not easy. Neither is settling in a new marriage.

    I feel so sorry for her what an absolute nightmare.

  6. Oh wow, he’s really unhinged. I hope you stay safe. I worry he may try showing up where you online or something.

    I’m so sorry you went through this but I’m glad you know his true colors.

  7. I think there are degrees of racism, however. In much of the world societies are racist, so most of us have implicit bias. It's something one has to consciously guard against. This is true whether one is Black or White, the bias against Black people, because of our society. So that's one level of racism.

    Then there's the comedians level or racism, which it sounds like OP's bf has. Let's just make a joke out of very painful thing.

    Then there's hostile racism. Burning cross racism.

  8. It’s such a gross thing to say without the context of the miscarriage and surgery. Do certain men actually think that a woman would write about that?

  9. Every summer, since I was a little kid, my mom would take off for a long weekend girls' trip with her friends to the beach. My dad and his buddies had one, too, and they've been somewhat happily married for 40 years. They've had some bumps down the road, but nothing like an overbearing husband who tells his wife what she can and can't do…unless it involves a credit card lol

  10. OP – I feel for you, I really do. But please have some self-respect. If this was happening to your best friend, sister, mother, or whoever, what would you tell them to do? The “perfect partner” would never do this to you in a million years. I guarantee there is a person out there who would never treat you like this. It’s time to cut your losses and move on, your husband certainly has.

  11. agreed. it's time for you to move forward. i understand depression, but if he's been taking through a rollercoaster ride and belittles you…it's time. proud of you!

  12. You need to leave asap. Please. My mum was murdered, we all think those things won’t touch us, they do. You are now high risk of being killed by him. Please don’t be another statistic, take this seriously and sneak away. Please.

  13. How do you know when you’ve found the one?”

    When you don't have to question the relationship.

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