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  1. Are you hoping for marriage and kids with this man? Waiting for what? What do you mean figure it out? What have you been doing the past 7 years? This is peak sunk cost fallacy.

    You’re both in your 40s not 20s. If you and him don’t know by now then you never will. There is no new information that can be gained from more time together. Stop hoping and waiting for an alcoholic. You don’t even know what you’re hoping and waiting for after 7 years together.

    He is an alcoholic. You don’t live together, which means you’re not even working towards building a life together after 7 years. This relationship is going nowhere. Don’t hope for something else if you’re staying with this guy. This is it. The fact that he won’t even live with you after so many years together means he prob has a foot out the door until someone else comes along— sorry. Stop enabling this by no longer accepting a relationship w/ someone who gives you the bare minimum.

    I’m sorry you wasted the last half of your 30s on this guy, but don’t give him all your early 40s too. If this isn’t the relationship you want then break up already.

  2. I understand!! I was in the military, my husband was a civilian. I was away from home a lot, and for long periods of time. All I wanted was to go home, and be home. Whenever I would come home, all he wanted was to go go go! I never understood why he didn’t travel while I was deployed. We lived in Europe and he could have gone anywhere, but he said he wanted to go places with me. I finally had to stand up for myself. I got home from some sandbox (I really don’t remember which one) and he had a trip lined up for us. I was exhausted. We did the trip, but afterwards I had to explain to him how tired I was. He had to hear the words to understand that all I wanted was to be home. If you haven’t told your wife that you need to be home for a while she won’t get it on her own. You have to tell her. It doesn’t have to be an argument if you think ahead about how to say it.

  3. I've been looking for a supreme court law about it being repealed and cant find one.

    The only place an internet search said repealed was on a commercial legal advice website

    I think it's a current law. I have no reason to think it's been repealed. I wish it was though.

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