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Date: August 29, 2022

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  1. My phone calendar pulls birthdays from social Media (namely facebook iirc) and adds alerts like John's Birthday (turning 33)

  2. If you’re not mentally stable to handle ur s/o going on a trip then you’re not mentally stable enough to be in a relationship. Please go seek therapy about your anxious attachment issue.

  3. Do NOT ignore this. Lock your bedroom door. You're being made to feel unsafe in your own home. If he tries it again, BE LOUD and push him away. They're both taking advantage of your youth and lack of confidence.

  4. You also don’t know us. We are great at conflict resolution- this is a one off.

    The coffee thing I understand your perspective. I didn’t use it as a scapegoat as I kind of implied in the text, but more so as maybe an explanation as to why I may have seemed pushy. Because I’m not usually pushy. I think I was just very caffeinated and that played a part and that’s why I brought it up.

    But I came here for advice, not judgement, because what’s done is done and what’s been has been. We just need to move forward in a positive way.

  5. Has his family heard from him? If absolutely no one knows where he is, file a missing person's report. But if he's made contact with anyone, as painful and baffling as it is, you have to respect that he doesn't want to have anything to do with you.

  6. 1) side note is unnecessary and adds nothing to the story

    2) only her (for pointing out the situations) and a therapist (for evidence-based solutions) can tell you how to control your anger issues

    I'd suggest working on yourself and leaving her alone

  7. I outearn my husband by almost 50%, no big whoop. I still respect him and love him. It bothers him a little, but not to the point where it affects our relationship.

  8. I think she should leave you cause of your obvious obsession with posting others girls nudes to have a little circle jerk with other men.

    Seriously wtf is wrong with you? I feel so bad for your gf.

  9. Thank you for the reply! Is it insecure? I just don’t wanna date someone who parties all the time and does a bunch of drugs and is unproductive , I don’t think that’s a insecurity.

    She doesn’t do those things and doesn’t like to but based on her friends behavior I feel like she could be pressured into it

  10. Stay engaged if you want, but you absolutely must (1) live! together for a while, (2) take a vacation together, (3) make it through a few arguments, (4) talk about long-term things like finances and kids and make sure you're on the same page, (5) wait 1+ year and tell us if a habit or behavior you find endearing today still is or if it's become annoying….I'm sure there's lots more. Point being, you haven't hit many relationship “milestones” to really and truly know the person you're engaged to.

  11. No, communication is not that easy to misinterpret, particularly in this case. But you very naturally start to insult people when you realize your brand of logic is seen for what it is; bu!!$#it.

  12. TL/DR: OP is a 21-year-old woman who's boyfriend(22M) cheated on her. He went to a friend's house party and slept on the couch, but later admitted that he had kissed one of the friend's roommates and slept in her bed. He claims he does not remember the event as he was very drunk. The author is struggling with what to do, as she has been in a near-perfect relationship with him for 2 years and has plans to live! together soon. She still loves him but hates hate him for what he did. He has already made a number of sacrifices to make it right. She wants to forget it ever happened and move on as normal, but she is unsure if this is the right decision.

  13. You pretty much put him in a no-win situation in that exchange. He has to be careful not to want you too much or too little.

  14. I did go through the whole post again. I did read everything, I do see me giving my everything to work. I do wanna make it work.

    Do you understand that I don't want to lose her? I will probably be clinically depressed to the extreme. She means everything to me.

  15. But then what should I do, because it seems her demand is I stop doing this thing that I really enjoy doing, because of her insecurity. Even though I repeatedly tell her how much I love, how she’s the one for me, she’s the background on my phone etc. I’ll gladly be understanding and help her with insecurities. But I won’t quit doing this because she demands it. Because then what else is she going to want me to quit in the future?

  16. I think, or at least I try to hope, that no one else was behind it. She always told me how she found cheating disgusting. I don't know, I feel like I don't know this person anymore. If there was no other person involved, what would you do?

  17. What I don’t understand is how you could want to be with someone who lied to you about something so egregious? If you’re straight also, you don’t have to force yourself to be with someone who does not have male genitalia. You don’t have to do shit and you don’t have to be with anyone you don’t want to for any reason at all. It doesn’t make you a bigot. You are a VICTIM

  18. She says she has zero sexual attraction to him anymore which I kind of believe.

    That's irrelevant, you think she would tell you if she was attracted to another man? Man. Like the famous “You don't have to be worried about him”. You have rightfully doubts, move on. You're just 1 year in and she brings a lot of “baggage”, if she was honest with you about her ex, she wouldn't had have a problem telling you that she met up with her ex. Having an ex in your life is always not an easy thing, in particular when you're having a new relationship, but even then you have to be extra transparent to build trust. She's not. Move on.

  19. Wow was that quite a rough few months for y'all, huh? Just make sure to keep your focus on good communication from now on.

    Don't have anything else to say, you are going to therapy and it looks like the two of you got it mostly sorted out.

  20. Best friends have tights, but to claim she needs 6 months of space is ridiculous. She needs to sit down with you and you guys sort this out. If she refuses your wife needs to pull back. I assume you’re still friends with her husband? If yes, have you talked about it? He could easily speak on your behalf so that she could change her mind. The 6 months thing sounds strictly as punishment and that’s just as bad as what started the whole thing. As I said, true friends don’t do this. They make amends and figure things out. If she absolutely refuses you should both think about moving on.

  21. Can you just spell out exactly what your point is? Because I don’t understand what you’re getting at.

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