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Date: September 6, 2022

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  1. Choose him or the cats, and if you choose him know he’ll never make a good husband or father, but do the cats a favour and keep them away from him.

  2. OP, also… let's assume you did the open relationship thing. Your gf has fellas lined up every night of the week. Most guys are lucky if they are batting once every few weeks unless they are pretty boys or are trawling. Would not be even remotely even.

  3. So is it a little too much to drink a beer every night/every other night?

    I think it's a bit much, yes. I have a cup of herbal tea to relax most days. I maybe drink alcohol 3x a month. I'm also a health nut, so my lifestyle isn't to everyone's taste.

    If so, would wine be better?

    For me, no.

  4. Breakup I was gonna say it was your insecurities but 1 she clearly is not over her ex and you just been playing second fiddle2 she has been disrespectful to you.

  5. I agree with this but also feel if you are willing to break up your relationship perhaps your love for her is waning / gone?

  6. How do you communicate it? Just like you did here.

    You just lack confidence and courage.

    Just tell her how you feel man.

  7. ….tell him that this behavior is inappropriate and is exactly why you don’t feel comfortable purchasing him a gun. He isn’t stable.

  8. I think you would have probably lost that friendship if you hadn't paid for the repair. If it had been a more substantial amount of damage then maybe let insurance step in.

  9. There's a word 'partner' or 'significant other' that people use. I've seen SO being used a lot on this particular sub, too

  10. If I could give you an award I would. This is the only comment and it's written perfectly.

    OP, she loves you, you love her that's it.

  11. Lots of solid relationships start off under similar circumstances. The reality of dating is that we are all just one of many possible choices, and what makes a relationship romantic is that two people decide to make each other their first choice. However, the way these stories are told makes a big difference as to whether they build up or break down a relationship. It seems like Kate hasn’t told the story in a very constructive way, whether because she’s been carrying around unnecessary guilt about the way things started, or because she had too much wine and didn’t think things through.

    I can see how this would sting. No one wants to think of themselves as the backup option. But unless Kate has spent the whole relationship dwelling on how she wished Mark had said “yes”, it’s pretty likely that she doesn’t see you that way. Unfortunately the way she’s shared this information, possibly combined with some of your own sensitivities (totally understandable, we all have a few), has given you the idea that you were the backup.

    The version of the story that should have been told was that Kate was young and infatuated with the obvious, popular guy, and she’s so glad he rejected her because it shaped the course of her life for the better. Unless there’s any reason to think Kate is deliberately malicious or cruel, this is probably how she feels. If she can understand why she hurt you and genuinely apologise, you can re-write the story of your love together in a way that is both honest and romantic.

  12. Don’t discard people for having conditions. Anyways, my mom has diabetes since she was 34+, she’s 61 now and she’s good. You can live fine with that as long as you treat it.

  13. Hes allowed to want to explore things and youre allowed to be uncomfortable and say no. I dont think anyone's preferences/kinks align 100%

    It probably did take courage to share that with you so be kind if you're going to turn him down. Unless he keeps pushing and makes/is making you uncomfortable. No means no.

  14. This is very common. Every guy will have different “tolerances” to sex, very much like every woman does. Personally, it takes forever for me to cum from a blowjob, but sex and handjobs take a much more reasonable few minutes. I think as long as you’re able to get him off somehow, it’s not a big deal. Things like blowjobs and handjobs should be the spice of sex anyway—cumming shouldn’t be the goal.

    As a side note, please be careful with what you’re reading/listening to on the topic. I have an idea where you got the term “death grip” from and it’s a completely garbage source for advice on dating/sex.

  15. It could be a false positive. Very unlikely but it actually happened to me. Was told I had contracted chlamydia anally which was impossible unless it had lain dormant for 20 years. It ended up that there was a problem with the lab and several tests were affected. So it’s possible to be a false positive but not possible enough to encourage any hope.

    Your boyfriend could be deceiving you. He could be lying about his test results. Or perhaps he took a test and it was positive. But he didn’t tell you. So he was given penicillin which cured him. Then you told him you were positive. So he gets tested again knowing he’s cured. This test comes back negative. He can then honestly say his test was negative without telling you the whole truth.

    Odds are you need to have a longer conversation with your partner. It sounds like he is omitting some details at the very least. Quite possibly outright lying to you.

  16. Thank you again, I really appreciate it. I definitely *feel* manipulated, or at least can feel that's what he's trying to do. Wanting someone to not lie to you repeatedly isn't unreasonable and yet all he can do is tell me how special our relationship was instead of being normal and leaving me alone.

  17. That’s good! Now try something new. Tell your wife your doing doing mental gymnastics. All so you can keep your bestie.

    BTW, your so called bestie is a grown ass woman not a girl. She should be putting the brakes on this as well.

  18. It’s very different with grandparents. In many jurisdictions they have no inherent rights. Courts frown upon keeping a parent from their child except in the most extreme of circumstances.

  19. How am I a shit boyfriend? I'm trying to help my gf. Pple like you ruin it for everyone on reddit.

  20. Wow. I am so sorry that you are treated this way. I am curious as to what others say, but I feel for you. I think you deserve more respect than this man gives you.

  21. Her having those emotions isn’t the red flag. Her asking him to stay home and skip out on quality time with his friends so she doesn’t have to have those feelings is the red flag.

  22. This is gross.

    So he's ok with his friend continuing to insult you and others at your expense bc “he's like a little kid if you tell him to stop, he'll just do it louder, so he figured it was best to let him get it out of the system.”

  23. >Background: My wife and I grew up in a culture where we didn't talk about sex much. (My wife's family is more open about the topic.)

    could you elaborate a little bit more on how a culture that doesn't talk about sex much ends up deepthroating bananas at a party?

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