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  1. You’re not giving a lot of context to your situation but spending time with her or dedicating a little extra time to doing whatever she wants to do is a good way to go about it.

    If you know of a certain movie that she likes and maybe you don’t enjoy it, tell her that you’ll watch it with her and actually give the movie a chance and try to enjoy it.

    For me it’s always been the small things that make the biggest impact.

  2. Neither of those things. You’re telling a 40 year old man he couldn’t possibly know if he was potentially groomed or not. His situation was not grooming. So yeah you’re throwing it around for no reason. Not every situation is grooming. It’s manipulation, exploitation and abuse, no? His comment indicates none of that. Same with OP the age difference is gross but if she continued seeing him where would the grooming be if she’s doing none of the three above?

  3. We actually do that a good bit, I’ll work on school and he’ll read next to me. Thank you for the suggestion! Moving forward I’m going to be cognizant of the fact alone time does not equate to not wanting to spend time with me. I’ll also plan on not going over the nights he has work, I think it is slightly upsetting when we’re planning on it and then he has to cancel (for completely understandable reasons!)

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