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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. Yes! As someone who was forced into college by my parents, I’m currently in my 3rd year working on my bachelors in biology and I have no intentions on doing anything with it because I’m a sahm for my son while my boyfriend works in dispatching . Feels pointless but I’m almost done so might as well finish

  2. You're just living your life. You're not making her feel bad, shes making herself feel bad. She needs a therapist to help her get a grip and stop acting like a victim. Don't let her sabotage your success.

  3. You for real? The only reason she’s saying a name is because she’s thinking of the person who’s name she said.

    So, she’s having sex with OP and thinking of someone else and you don’t see how that could be disrespectful?

  4. I see most people tip-toeing around the fact that your wife is actively abusing you to force you to father a child you (rightfully in my opinion) do not want.. Her behaviour is flat out disgusting, manipulative and cruel. Withholding affection to “punish” you is, in my view, grounds for ending the relationship immediately.

    I realise “break up now” is the r/relationship_advice mantra for every minor relationship squabble. But in this situation that you find yourself in, it is really the only course of action unless she is genuinely willing to admit she has been behaving atrociously and apologises sincerely and commits to making it up to you.

    I think it's hard for some men to admit they are in abusive relationships due to entrenched gender stereotypes and dare I say it “toxic masculinity”. But make no mistake OP, you are in an abusive relationship and need to seek help to protect yourself.

  5. Get out now. You can't make it work at that age and even if you could, it's wrong and (likely) illegal. On top of that, she lied about her age. What else is she lying about? You can't build a castle on sand, my dude.

    Look for someone your own age that's verifiably an adult. There're plenty of women out there.

  6. She has mixed feelings….sounds like you do too. Give her some space and talk to her about it tomorrow or the next day

  7. Tough decision. I'd go with how you feel about her now, as she is now. if you have a problem with how she is now, then say so.

  8. Then why subject yourself to it. Why would you want to partner with anybody that isn't transparent about things and also then places unbalanced expectations on you . . .

  9. I’m guessing based on the randomly thrown in age and genders at the beginning. I’d assume the first one is poster and the second is partner. It doesn’t help that the entire post uses “they” and my ex abusive (male) partner would constantly refer to women as “they” to make the things he said sound less horrible. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    Others have assumed the other way around, are you only bothering me because you think a man wouldn’t do that?

  10. Sounds like you are being used! There is no way especially someone making her own wages you should give her an allowance! Especially when both on-line in separate housing! It might be time to get rid of this greedy little lady! No it is time to get rid of this woman! For your own benefit maybe spend that allowance money to hire a private detective for a few weeks. She probably has herself a boyfriend besides you!

  11. I think at this point you have to be completely honest and don't worry about her feelings. You have feelings too that you have been made to hide. No more hiding. Tell her you would like to meet with a therapist and tell her everything there. If she doesn't agree to a therapist, then you lay it out to her privately as you have done to us. WHY you have hidden these thoughts from her and lied to protect her fragile ego. But no longer! She needs to grow a backbone and realize that ALL people find others attractive.

  12. This will only get worse. He is testing your boundaries to see how easy he can control you. You have failed yourself and let him tell you how to on-line your life. Do you want to be in a mentally and possibly physically abusive relationship? Because this is how they start.

  13. I'd do the same.

    Living at home for awhile to save money is fine as long as they have shown they take care of themselves and don't have their parents do all their washing cooking etc.

    Living at home for 5+ years minimum and not being serious about money- that is not compatible with my values so there would be no future there

  14. I hate to be the first one to say it, but OP this whole situation is a red flag.

    Your fiancé is 13 years older than you. That is a massive age gap. To add to that, you had a child when you met. Such a large age gap is concerning enough. But your daughters responses to him are massively concerning. The reactions your daughter is having to him are alarming, to say the least.

    I would recommend speaking to a Paediatrician, and explaining in full, what has been happening.

  15. this is literally the worst trans bad fetish fake story I’ve ever read on here and of course redditors are eating it up

  16. Wow. That was a bold move by your significant other. I can certainly see how you would freak out when your expecting one thing and a penis is now in your hand. That was a total dick move on her part. She led you on for 6 months is unacceptable regardless of which gender. That’s seriously a right off the bat discussion. I’m sorry you were duped like that.

    Now as far as your family. Wtf. I’d sit them all down and tell this is never going to be fixed and you all need to stop taking any kind of correspondence from this person or I’m done with you too. Do they not see what a total lie this was your the victim here and no one else.

    Again man I’m sorry and I’d imagine your trust in a lot of people is wrecked. Take some time and talk to someone if you need to. You’ll find the right one some day that won’t flat out lie to you about something like this.

  17. after the shock and the heartbreak, I felt lucky but now, knowing how he is treating my sister, I wish he chose someone else to cheat on me with

  18. Look up trauma bond. This is what happening here. It can be confused easily with love even with an abusive person. I’m sorry for your situation.

  19. Makes me sad to see relationships end because of gaming. But they do. It’s a serious problem in some households I’m married to a gamer myself and I fully get it. I can’t imagine having kids and watching baby daddy on the couch not helping cause he’s playing with his buddies. He’s got a problem, much like alcoholism. And because of that, you also have a problem. Seems pretty unfair

  20. It’s not even picking her friends. She’s picking herself. She wanted something and didn’t care how badly it negatively affected him.

  21. so with no other strange behavior, i think this may be a trust issue on your part.

    if he has a history of lying, cheating, etc. that's different. but going off this post all he did was put his phone in his bag so i think you may be overthinking.

  22. I’m starting to think this is the same person making all these posts. I’ve never seen “body count” ever discussed more than on Reddit and it’s always negatively towards the female.

  23. OP,

    When I was younger, I was a very jealous BF because I was young and dumb. When I met my now wife of over 20 years we talked about everything and anything.

    She will point out an attractive woman and say hey, look at her. Then she will look at some guy and say “he has a nice ass”. Do I get jealous, nope, not at all. It is because our love is strong and we both respect each other.

    You have to have rules and boundaries in place, it sounds like you have none.

  24. how is the spamming going? did all the answers from he other times you posted this not do it for you? what do you get out of doing this

  25. Lol if OP marries him she's gonna have an extra kid. Lord i wouldn't consider a long term relationship with a man that can't be bothered to do anything.

    OP what happens if u get pregnant are u still gna have to clean up after him and yourself?

    Good luck with tht. Currently pregnant and my husband has taken over all our chores because he wants me to rest. This man doesn't sound like he could be bothered to do any of tht.

    You are dating a toddler.

  26. nb. I'm sorry if you feel my comment is harsh. I'm just struggling to empathise with you when you supposedly loved and cared for your girlfriend for around 3 years and you can't wait 15/20 days to break up with her.

    Also, if you were not interested in your relationship for the last few months I wonder why you didn't end it then? It seems that now someone new and shiny has caught your eye you're in a race to end your relationship and be with this new person.

    You should end relationships because they aren't working, you shouldn't stay in them until you meet someone new and because of this I don't believe that immediately after breaking up with her that you wouldn't be parading a new relationship around town or on social media like days after ending a 3 year long relationship. If you cannot afford to give your girlfriend, (who, not long ago you loved and respected) any love and respect to wait more than 15 days before pursuing something else then I don't really have much respect for you and I think you are playing fast and loose with people's emotions.

    If it wasn't working for you months ago, then you should have ended it before you even met someone new.

  27. I’m sorry that this is happening to you, I understand that you want her to change, but you cannot change her. Even if you ask her to change this behavior for you and she does, it won’t be a lasting change. I really wished I had better news, but you need to go to a divorce lawyer and secure your finances and your kid’s future safety. She will one day hit him too. It’s not a maybe, she expresses her anger through violence, anger has not reins.

    She is verbally and physically abusing you and she WILL do the same to your kid. In a relationship, both men and women deserve to feel safe at home, and to feel loved and appreciated. If my husband gets a cut or burn while cooking I bet it hurts the same as if I get a cut or a burn and I would rush to help him the same way he would if I was injured. That doesn’t make him any less manly, makes him human.

  28. A lot of media and sensational local news can lead to a skewed perception of the world around him.

    I don’t watch Fox News either but WFH and media really sent me down a paranoid course that I’m starting to get out of. I’ve been to several cities and never had any bad experiences but I started realizing I was anxious going into the cities I on-line by.

  29. A break is never a good sign, might as well call it off then. She sounds like she already got someone in mind to replace you. Please breakup and find someone who likes you for being you not this negative Nancy GF.

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