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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. I mean it’s not emotional to correct you. You started sexualizing them which is actually pretty weird considering I didn’t say anything like that. So why did you?

  2. Then Ben should wise the fuck up and stay away from other men's wives if he doesn't want his ass kicked. If I were you I would have been sitting at the place they like to go hang out and introduce myself when they walk in. Tough shit if he doesn't like you being there, it's your wife and defending her is your responsibility.

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  4. It doesn’t matter how frustrated he gets , the fact his instinct was to put his hands on your neck and around a child . Please I know you’re young but don’t do this to yourself or your child and please leave him before it gets worse

  5. This brings to mind a line I've seen bandied about in this and similar subs: Your mental health issues are not your fault, but they are your responsibility.

    Your wife has two options: seek and adhere to treatment, or continue to harm you and your child.

    If she chooses the latter option, you need to get out of there, preferably with your child.

  6. Thanks, I know this is the right answer. It’s just a shitty situation. I’m still very hurt by what happened and I know I’ll be forced to be around it once she’s back into it. I don’t know if I’m ready to return.

  7. Your 33 yr old bf is acting like a 12 year old.

    So what if you WERE masturbating without him??? Does he own your body? Do you let him control everything you do in your life.

    Really tell him to pack his shit. he is an asshole.

  8. They want to sleep together but not doing so because you are in the picture? Wow, I’m surprised you still want to call these people who are supposed to care about you a boyfriend and a best friend. Of course they are gonna pressure you, they want it to go their way. That is the shittiest best friend and a even shittier boyfriend. Who does that? They are planning on doing it anyway and are looking for a hall pass.

  9. Every day she didn't tell you was her continuing to cheat

    I strongly disagree. She felt enough remorse over it to change her life.

  10. Let's list the red flags.

    Drunk before noon Driving drunk Going out with a guy she just met at a party Not inviting you along (to prove it's not shady) Admitting to using someone for free food and drink Not respecting your feelings when the above made you uncomfortable

    Dude. 10 years of this?

  11. A lot of people only have drinking as their vice but if they were getting drunk all day and not taking care of their responsibilities and blowing you off to go drink you wouldn't give them the same leeway. Addiction is addiction.

  12. I'd say that disagreements are normal to have in a relationship, but “fighting” the way you describe is not good. One of the clearest signs that a relationship isn't going to survive is if either person ever treats the other one with contempt, and it sounds like he does that to you.

    It's possible to learn better communication techniques, but he has to want to.

  13. Not as weird as you trashing your relationship with your own sister for a guy who just saw you as a easy lay.

  14. My god are you being melodramatic about this. I guess the “in good times and bad” part doesn’t apply.

    I get he hurt your feelings. But it’s your eagerness to pull the divorce trigger that I find shocking. This cannot be the sole reason you want out of this marriage because you’re already out the door in your mind. You’re only going to humour him for counseling as a token gesture.

  15. Toys aren’t taboo in our house either. We just never used them (well I thought we never used them)

  16. ah and when I told him about the cutting board he said “that’s nice for you… I’ll Probably never use it..” when he said that it was just selfish completely. Thanks for the advice ?

  17. She doesn't have a drink problem. Just can't stop when at her limit.

    That's the definition of a drinking problem. Sex aside, she's putting herself in very dangerous situations. You really need to address this head-on if you want to help her.

  18. porn is not okay. the porn comics aren't okay. we had a very long talk about two years ago and decided no porn is allowed in the relationship in whatever form porn might be in

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