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  1. Info: is this affecting his budget in some way? Do you invite him expensive places and insist on 50/50? Or ordering expensive groceries or something? Or is he not able to have enough disposable income to date you?

  2. You need to read “why does he do that.” If that book doesn't help you get some clarity nothing will. It's a blueprint for how these man think, feel and behave.

    Then give the book to your daughter when she gets into highschool so she can steer clear of these types. And her father.

  3. Analyse it like this: do you look forward to going home? Forget the pets- think BF. Are you happy? If more or less, then take alone time for yourself. Go out and do what you want. If you don’t want him then give him 30 days’ written notice to leave. I don’t know about your financial details but strike while he has a job. Explain to him that you are suffocating and need to be free. Lend your pets to family. This is your house, your safe place. Say I am sorry it isn’t working.

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