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  1. Something like this happened to me to. We were travelling. Pandemic happened, I got super depressed and decided to move home for a bit and just take it from there. So we were definitely on a break/broke up. We talked every single day. He told me he loved me every single day. After a few months I moved back to his country for good. Basically as soon as I hopped off the plane he told me he hooked up with “several girls”, but never wanted to tell me how many because that was not for me to know. I never even asked and wanted to ask if there was anyone else in the meantime, but as soon as he told me I wanted to know how many. I should've left right there and then. I wish he told me before I packed up my whole life and moved to the other side of the world. Over a year later now. The guilt feeling towards my friends and family to come back has finally left. I'm close to leaving now, for this and other reasons as well.

    Talk to him, but if it doesn't feel right please please please trust your gut!!

  2. Yes with her, I initiated. & I’ll be honest I’m not even sexually attracted to attractive people I see out and about just her that’s why this feels like some sort of insanity.

  3. Yes and she’s on another post trying encourage a woman reconciling with a boyfriend that’s cheated for half of the three year relationship.

  4. i would just answer your therapists question. maybe if u do she’ll prompt your partner to seek individual therapy

  5. Maybe you just need a new circle then

    I base this from previous girls I heard around from college and friends lives and the internet obviously

    I have no girls in my immediate friends circle because I'm an ugly manlet pathetic loser and I'd never attract them unfortunately

    Em is a celebrity living in Hollywood. Em and her life does not represent most people’s reality.

    That's true, you could say that about the majority of celebrities basically. Fair point

  6. You're blind if you can't see what's happening here. Why hasn't he been paying child support? Since he's thinking of his kid and only his kid… Dudes a deadbeat. Didn't give a fuck until someone new started dating the mom.

  7. It's actually scary common parents can forget their kid. I had to mental check “kids with me? Check car seats just incase” because I read a horror story about a mother who changed her routine and because of that she forgot her kid and it died in the car. Your wife needs to stop bringing it up, though I understand it might put more pressure on her because she may not feel you are competent so she always has to be the caregiver. I can see things from both points of view but you 2 need to communicate your feelings in a productive way so you can move past it and forgive eachother.

  8. I will also say that this information rips me apart…I want to be honest and tell him (I'm sure he has an idea) but i can't do that….because that would risk the friendship, and disrespect his relationship. So I can't be honest about my feelings here.

  9. I thought it was more common to wait until the child grows up, but maybe that's just because I read these stories on reddit all the time lol

  10. She cheated, betrayed your trust and lied to the very end. Not until you said you had proof did she 180 and beg for forgiveness.

    You don't deserve this behavior

  11. That’s not a personal boundary, that’s demanding others fulfill her wants, and manipulating them into doing so.

    On the contrary, the ultimatum is so he has to make the choice she won’t. She wants to blame others and paint herself as the victim if her son doesn’t do what she wants. This is not taking responsibility for your own actions, and it’s a horrible way to treat your children. Your perspective is that manipulative behavior counts as establishing healthy boundaries, when it doesn’t. No therapist would recommend this. Not one. If you need to go, go, but don’t pretend it was someone else’s choice/fault.

    It’s cruel. Cruelty is not under the self car umbrella. Your devils advocate is you get to treat others however you like, and call it a boundary, while skirting accountability. This is the problem with on-line snippets of self help, you always skip the accountability part, because that’s a harder pill to swallow.

    If she wants to make the choice to distance, fine, but don’t put your choices in others laps to make for you so you don’t have to own them.

  12. if your motive to drink is stress, that's a bad road to head down.

    but if you occasionally drink when you want, i don't see an issue with it.

    it's all about the motive, OP

  13. She used sex to get you to marry her and now the ink is dry on your marriage certificate she doesn’t need to pretend to like sex anymore. How more obvious is this to you. It’s not like she even pretended to carry on pretending for at least a little time. You have been conned.

  14. Why would he want you to end it. He wants the games.

    YOU end it for YOU.

    You just want to avoid. It’s easier. The fantasy of hope stays.

    You take control. End it. Not negotiate but say goodbye.

  15. The simple fact here is that she cheated on you and then has been lying to you by omission for the last six months. The real question is how can you trust any word that comes out of her mouth at this point? And without much trust, can you really have a good and fulfilling relationship with her? If the answer to these question is a No, then why would you want to drag out this relationship? It would be in your best interests to go no contact with her to deal with this betrayal and start healing from it.

    Another question I want you to ask yourself is this: Did you guys have a rough patch because she was flirting with this guy and therefore wasn’t interested inputting energy in the relationship with you OR did she start flirting with this guy because you guys had a rough patch? Based on the timeline, it looks like she was flirting/talking with this guy before you guys started having issues in your relationship. If that is indeed the case, then it’s better not to have a partner who prioritizes relationship with an aqua thence over a relationship with their significant other.

  16. First, understand that you aren't going to fix this situation. You can't convince this asshole to stop being a bigot and it's only your partner's bff's choice to break up with him or not. He's clearly not improving and unfortunately there's nothing you can do about it.

    But you can make boundaries for yourself. Refuse to allow him into your home going forward, and make it clear to everyone that you do not want to be present at any event he is at. Don't center the boundary around drinking because that gives wiggle room he will push against since clearly consent is difficult for this turd. Just eject him from your life entirely. If you do otherwise, you are enabling his behavior.

    It's up to your partner to decide how to handle things with her bff and this trash fire man, but I recommend having a serious conversation with her about it. Make it clear that you can't tolerate his behavior and are done giving him chances to improve that he shits all over. Also communicate your concerns about the potential for (and possibility that it's already) abuse based on the dynamics you've seen in their relationship.

    Good luck dealing with this horrible dude, I hope you can eject him from your life and convince the bff to do the same.

  17. He wants your forgiveness so that he can recover from abusing you. This is all about him. He could care less about you.

  18. No. NO.

    He is twice – TWICE – your age. He is your professor, which puts him in a position of power over you. If he had any ethics at all, he would not get involved with any students, especially one of his own students. You are a toy to him. A female plaything. He is not interested in you as a person, with your own hopes, goals, insecurities, or needs. Why would you want to be with someone who would cheat on his wife, hurt his kids, date someone half his age….I could go on. You have a crush, you're infatuated, it happens. But don't potentially fuck up your life by pursuing this jerk. The fallout that could come with having an affair with this ass could be significant. The social shame ALONE could make your life at university miserable.

  19. The amount of gymnastics required to qualify charting to a computer as cheating would be enough to win you gold at the olympics

  20. Op I am where you were. No, it's not helpful. But after reading your previous comments and seeing you here asking this as if you could ever be in the wrong here. We don't change unless we're super uncomfortable, unless where we are is so bad that we are motivated to go to the unknown. What makes you stay? You KNOW this is wrong. Abusers are abusers, but what people like you and me need to understand is our part in things. Which is the justifying, the excuse making, the pushing aside ourselves to please another, and many more traits that will just end up delivering us into a cycle of toxic, abusive, and dysfunctional relationships until we realize enough is enough and do the self work to change our OWN selves, because we sure as fuck can't change the abuser, to say no more. I choose me. I choose myself, my safety, my autonomy, my voice, and make a plan to leave. An abuser will say and do what they need to in order to keep you. It is up to you to have the courage to leave. And you can. You can, and life can be better than this. You are stronger than this, and I PROMISE you that being alone and not settling for less than a love that builds you up instead of tears you down is so much better than fighting to be heard and considered with someone that makes you feel alone and dismissed.

  21. She revealed her true self – she willingly chose to cheat for months, even shifting him around when you visited to hid him from you and possibly you from him. That wasn't a mistake, it was a series of deliberate and conscious choices.

    Say that again, a repeated series of deliberate and conscious choices to be with him, to travel with him, to sleep with him, and to lie over and over to you.

    In the end she chose to come home to you. Do you feel like you're the winner here? She had months living a fairy tale affair in a tropical paradise, but in the end she chose to come home and be with you. Do you feel like the victor here?

    Finally, what do you honestly believe she would do if you had been the one to do it?

  22. How do you know if someone is a vegan? Don't worry, they will tell you!!!

    You are the embodiment of the joke my dude!

  23. I wonder how he’s going to feel when he’s going to need insulin to survive his chocolate milk addiction that will eventually catch up to him.

  24. I mean, her fiance can't ban you from anything.

    That said, she is making her own bed and she needs to lie in it at this point.

    You have done what you can. Just leave it be.

    That said, maybe your parents can tie her inheritance into a trust with peridic distributions at specific much older ages (ie: 30/35/40) so her fiance can not access it.

  25. Yes I agree with you we seem to argue more then actually talking about the problems …I see your point and I could learn to be the bigger person and not react but even when I don't react he comes at not physical . I didn't think what I said was in the wrong, I was upset , I juts wanted him to understand that I will leave if we can't get it together all the arguing is stressful for me and I'm sure the same for him as well … he seems to think I will stay for anything and won't leave but that's not the case and he thinks if I leave it's casue I'm gonna be with someone else but that's not true either if rather be by myself and not hop into something I'm clearly not that great at as of right now

  26. I agree here. If this is the time and effort he is putting in now going to be a very lonely mother raising your kids on your own with an almost constant absent father/husband. His hobbies will always be more important than your relationship too it seems. Are you willing to do that? I would not be. Update us.

  27. Holy moly, from your answers through this thread, you're better off cutting your losses.

    Don't try and fix him either. He should know how to behave by now.

  28. He sounds unhinged. Does he usually fly off the handle over nothing? Is he always homophobic and misogynistic? This sounds manipulative and abusive to me, and telling your child he’s hurting the whole family because you’re stupid? Major red flag.

  29. My parents told me moving across the country was dangerous and ill thought out. It’s been 12 years. They never liked me anyway so idk why they were mad I was leaving lol. And it’s way easier to not see them unless we all really want to! Win-win

  30. No it’s way to expensive. I was thinking she could on-line in a cheap mobile home but I don’t think it will be to her or SIL “standards” and will reject the idea.

  31. I think some weddings are held at rented private estates or park/lake areas, and those places aren't necessarily required to be accessible.

  32. This is just me, but I’d also ask Kelly straight up. If other staff members are noticing it, then ask her. Sorry OP. He’s being a shit husband and time to give him a reality check

  33. You literally had to talk yourself into getting with him in the first place and you’re talking yourself into staying, but like… why???? If you aren’t into this with your full heart and self, why on earth are you continuing?

  34. Are you actually tracking what you eat though? I was struggling forever until I was like, no fuck this im losing weight. I started tracking everything as close as possible(SAUCES COUNT!!!!!!!!).

    We eat so many more calories than we realize. When I started counting, the pounds dropped right away. I realize it sucks, but life and change aren't easy. At the end of the day YOU have to make the decisions and follow through. Not to mention, when you see it working, it gets a lot easier to want to track.

    You're also gonna have bad days or life is gonna happen. I still eat whatever I want. When i'm out with friends, I do try to log as close as possible to what I ate. Then you can at least adjust around it.

    Just a couple tips and best of luck on your journey.

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