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  1. It sounds like you and your girlfriend have a very serious conversation inhead of you. You need to be honest with her about where you stand. In a relationship, it is important to respect each otherโ€™s beliefs or lack of and come to an understanding. If she can't understand that then there is a problem. You should be able to talk openly and honestly about your beliefs without feeling pressured.

    You should explain to her why you are uncomfortable and that you still respect her beliefs and want to be supportive of her journey.

    But if she makes it an ultimatum then it may be the beginning of the end.

  2. You think she is beautiful is a wonderful thing but if she doesn't feel beautiful about herself then it will overflow into the bedroom. Having children changes a woman's body and will make a beautiful woman insecure. Walks with the family is great it will motivate her to do more.

  3. I mean, you kinda are, that's why you're getting a little bit downvoted in some comments.

    Like, it's called financial domination for a reason, right? I know the people you did these things were into it, but you 100% got a lot going for you, not only sexual pleasure, you got money at the expense of their kinks and you were very well aware of it.

    It's not like, let's say, some sort of mutilation kink, were you helped them to cut parts of their body. Yes, they probably got their life a little bit ruined by it, but you got -apart from the pleasure of doing it- nothing. The kink ended right there.

    In your case, it didn't. And saying “Oh, I know it's morally wrong, but yeah, I was young and naive, now I'm all set and done, lmao, I feel so guitly, tho” doesn't really sound that honest.

    Be honest. You prolly fell a little guilty for them, but you do not regret it. Like, for you this was what they deserved because if their kinks and you won't do anything to amend it, since it's not your problem.

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