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  1. It's not “cheating” per se, but it is a gross behavior that no serious person would be involved in. Whether to end things over this depends on whether you're looking for a responsible life partner or just a silly sex toy. She's not fit to be the former (at least not yet) but she's probably perfect to be the latter.

  2. You’re probably right. Thank you for your input. I guess that’s why I posted in the first place, huh? To get someone to say that to me. He says he wants to marry me all the time. Not sure if that means anything, I guess. I know I have dependency issues. There are a bunch of little things at stake and eating at me. My sister is getting married this summer and my boyfriend is a groomsman. We’re super close to each others families. I worry about how my relationship ending will effect everyone around me. Idk.

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