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Dan & Dasha, 25 y.o.

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On-line Live Sex Chat rooms Dan & Dasha

Dan & Dasha on-line sex chat

Date: October 2, 2022

2 thoughts on “Dan & Dasha the hard online sex chat with hottest babes with a Live HD

  1. She sounds exhausting. It's already tough to live! and survive in a different country without your family and constant fear of what next, you don't need more problems.

    No matter what medicine, therapy, some xyz magic pill you bring, you can't change or heal a person who doesn't want to change or heal.

    They go down with that attitude and they take with you.

    High time she realizes what she is doing, having mental health issues is not an excuse to bombard your near ones with such exhausting behavior constantly.

    You need to analyze the situation, really sit down and think about this. You are not her therapist and you can't fill her cup if yours is empty.

    Tell her, if she refuses to take active participative responsibility of herself, she should go back to India.

    She's codependent on you. That is the reason why she calls again and again. She sucks energy from you for instant dopamine releases after she cribs 24 7. It'll throw your mental health out of balance soon.

    You are not selfish to refuse to be her mom. You are not selfish if you're feeling you can't support two people at this age.

    Life's unfair and naked for everyone. She needs to stop cribbing and get up to heal her mental health.

    8 years of relationship is long long time. Don't throw it away, but it shouldn't be the only reason for being with her if you're unhappy anyway.

    You are now officially adults, life's gonna be tougher.

    Talk to her, give her chance, explain everything that you're feeling. Codependent partners are exhausting. Especially when you're already struggling yourself.

    Communicate shamelessly, just say it all openly. You'll have your answers based on how she reacts.

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