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Date: September 26, 2022

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  1. So then it’s hard to answer your questions, so I’m going to push it.

    You just said all is good. Tell us the issues you have. And I’m not telling you to repeat the post. What don’t you like about him and/or the relationship?

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  3. TBH for my mental health I’m starting to think I just need to break up because I feel so miserable most days. But then we have a really good day, and then I feel amazing for a bit, then like a light switch it changes. I’m so tired of the emotional roller coaster. I’m always anxious and stressed. But I’m worried for my SO if I leave since I’m basically supporting her, she will have such a difficult time and I don’t want her to suffer.

  4. Maybe I'm scared of going through a breakup but like I'm happy with her, I gave her the opportunity to change and she did. Although I'm not entirely comfortable with her because of what she's done to me I feel like that can change and its just a matter of time and healing together. I'm just really confused because I want them both in my life romantically

  5. How the hell is that projecting?! If you are going to date a single parent and think you won't be responsible for their kid in any way when things get serious, then you should not be with said parent. My husband is freaking amazing and does a damn good job. Better then their own father. He knew what he signed up for and he has taken on that role 100%. Cause that's what you're suppose to do when you get seriously involved with a single parent. FFS it's like talking to a bunch of idiots!

  6. I never said everyone was like me.

    I'm offering the advice the counselors and the protective workers all gave us. We also heard it from the peer groups (parents of adopted children)

    Part of what I was talking about was the child's emotions when they become aware of the scenario. All of which is completely irrelevant to your, or anyone's else's assumed feelings.

    If you had lived through the scenario, or were an adopted child yourself it would be different, you'd have some insight.

    Instead all you have done is tried to prove me wrong for some reason, when you have no real idea what it's actually like to on-line inside this scenario.

    No one is saying your feelings on wanting to procreate will change, what I'm saying is that assorted families have their own emotional struggles

    It's a very sensitive issue. You would do well to learn a bit of candor

  7. Lot of other good comments here, I will only add that an anniversary is an arbitrary day of the year. It's meaning is entirely co-created between the two individuals. If circumstances don't permit you to celebrate it the way you think it deserves, then it's absolutely reasonable to postpone it a week or even a month later. If I were you I'd propose doing a real anniversary together at some point in the future.

  8. I wish I understood this as a late teen, early adult. I thought forsure I’d be able to get my ex to change. Oh boy was I wrong. Good life lesson though!

  9. GTFO. It's a 4 month relationship, not a year. You're showing a pattern of bad choices where you end up getting hurt. Why do this to yourself? Why even tempt fate? She's lied to you MULTIPLE TIMES. Break the pattern dude, otherwise you'll end up right back where ended up last time. This isn't a serious relationship, at least in terms of time together. But ultimately it's your life, your emotions, and your peace of mind. A dishonest start will only lead to a dishonest end.

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