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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. It may not be malicious, but as a parent you have a responsibility to educate yourself so that you know how to properly deal with issues your child could face. Many people choose not to do that, don’t believe what they find, or have no idea how to do good research.

    My point is that even if it isn’t malicious, it is absolutely their fault. OP needs to accept that they may love her but they are hurting her so for everyone’s sake she needs to seek outside help. It will not only help her and her sister, it will also help her parents learn the things they should have much earlier.

  2. Why is trying to blame you for something that is out of your control? Like I understand him wanting to be with his kids, I really do, but he is mad at the wrong person. Actually, if you think about it there isn't anyone for him to be mad at.

    And yeah I do think you should plan your exit, because I also wouldn't be able to get the things he said out of my head.

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  4. I would say that not only do you not know what to do anymore, but you never knew. Sounds like both of you have quite a bit of growing up to do. I would get divorced immediately before you breed.

  5. Hiya, “partner” writing this comment.

    Your comment is super hurtful and makes me feel like my side of this experience is invalidated. I have never experienced this before as this is my first real relationship. Therefore I don't know how to feel other than what my initial feelings was. I'm allowed to feel anxious, I'm allowed to have boundaries and make sure we can move on from this without feeling invalidated.

    I didn't shame my partner, I didn't make them feel bad about something that GENIUENLY made me feel super scared. I know they were asleep and unconscious, that doesn't invalidate my feelings and experience.

    We are trying our best to move on from this, and your comment really didn't help at all. Thanks, but no thanks, I hope you feel great about yourself. Have a good day.

    Regards, “partner”.

  6. I can't have a civilised discussion with someone who can't read. I write out a whole paragraph that anyone with a brain could comprehend and you get lost. Tell me you failed English class without telling me lmao

  7. The four of you (not just the two of them) should have sat down and negotiated what sex acts were ok and with which people and what sex acts were off the table. There should have been an agreement that if anyone was uncomfortable that they could have said so and everything stops and the evening ends. No harm, no foul.

  8. Is carpet cleaning of an apparently stinking carpet a “big purchase”?

    Also, have you looked into solutions to your admitted communication failures? Cause you say that your knee-jerk “no” is anxiety-based and you don't really mean it, but in your fight with her you literally compared it to sexual consent. While here, you're basically explaining to us that “my no doesn't really mean no, it means maybe…later.”

    Like wtf, dude.

  9. But remember the people posting are usually that ones that experience negative side effects. A lot of people use IUDs and hormonal birth controls without any issue. For me the main side effects of being on the pill were that my boobs got bigger, the acne I had went away and I no longer have PMS. win win.

  10. Probably took day off to go to that place

    Tell him I'm tired of being accused take his phone.. say come on we are going to this address I want to know who it is

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