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  1. Your mom is a narcissist!! She treats you like crap, time to go low to no contact!!

    She sent you to the dress shop to show you, you are not worthy to her.

  2. He doesn’t love you, he loves the idea of a perky 21 year old who worships his older man wisdom when high. You are young and can recover from your blind trust in him.

  3. How convenient for you! You've strung her along for this long, so what's another three years, right? Why not just admit the real reason? You don't want to break up with her because she's supporting you while you get your PhD?

    You know you're a complete piece of shit, right?

  4. Ummm…..


    she means sex free with you, but not sex free for her.

    You're too young to play games with kids like this. Kick her to the curb and go find someone not cheating on you.

  5. Trust me, you and your child do not deserve this. You may be thinking that you can handle this now and you’ll just power through it, but trust me these kind of people will break you down to nothing. I was eight when my mother tried to run away for the first time. I had to run down an alleyway, barefoot, screaming mum come back It’s not worth it. Even if you’re able to get through all of this. They will know it’s a forced marriage and they will not be okay. Please leave now I’m begging you.

  6. When did we decide it was ok to casually advocate for inflicting sexual pain on people on this sub? The number of times I have seen people suggesting the solution to this issue is to ass-rape someone is fucking strange.

  7. We have spent a ton of time together and have had a few weeks as well as every weekend (sat sun and Monday) to get to know eachother and our habits. We are both aware of how one another live!. Habits can change, personalities on the other hand…

  8. Whatever it costs to call off the wedding, a divorce will be worse. Please, listen to yourself, you aren't ok with this. Don't go through with the wedding

  9. I don’t know that you’re an asshole, but if I was dating somebody for almost a year and they had a dating up on the phone I would dump them. We told me they were not monogamous which I am.

  10. Damn, what a psychopath. You need to dump her ass ASAP. And make sure you get a screenshot of that text because if she’s pregnant she will trap you into a lifetime with dealing with her and a child.

  11. Based on your other posts it sounds like you’re doing her a favor and this may be the best news she’s gotten in awhile.

  12. Sure, but it's just as likely that your libido changes throughout the course of a marriage. That's why I said it doesn't matter whether you figure it out now or later. You're going to have to be willing to adapt to how your partner changes over time no matter what.

    The only reason I got divorced was because of infidelity, and I hope that doesn't happen again.

  13. Some people really just don't mesh well with others, no matter how kind they are. From what I read in your post, it doesn't sound like your partner is doing anything weird, so maybe that's why.

    My boyfriend has a hot time making friends, but the handful he has are fiercely loyal. They'd take a bullet for either of us.

    It's easier for me to make friends (whether I want to or not), because I have that 'mother hen' thing going on, but they swear it's a good thing. I'm the one people know they can come to for advice, open arms, a laugh, food and available couch space. They know I can get extremely overwhelmed, so always give me an out if I need it.

  14. Except he’s a cop. Knows where she lives. Ethical or not, looking after number 1 comes first

  15. You’re probably going to have to try and bring him up to speed. You’ll have to frame it in a fun way. Your scenario isn’t all that unique and if you have a willing partner they should want to learn and it can bring you closer.

  16. As a women- men can be really pushy and sometimes it is really uncomfortable. I have found talking to my husband, and male friends, that women tend to give “soft” answers that we think is being nice but the guys hear it as continued interest. An example- very common for a girl to respond to a guy hitting on her by saying something like “ oh I don’t think my boyfriend (or husband, partner, what ever) would like that”. Woman’s mind she is subtlety telling you she is attached and not interested. I’ve been told by multiple men that it sounds like she’s saying ‘I would love to, but my mean old bf won’t let me- keep trying’

  17. This is probably someone looking to show hypocrisy in female commentators with a bait post. Plenty of that on here.

  18. A lot here, but I am reminded of two things:

    You are having your child and all that matters is that child and that they are healthy. Nothing else, really! The very old movie “Wargames” where the key line is “The only winning move is not to play.” which is, in short, do not engage

    In the end, the world will little note nor long remember. Engage with those that want to be part of your child's journey with you, and dont worry about any others. All that matters is your child. There will be plenty of people throughout their life who want to be part of that journey and make your child's life awesome. And, in so doing, make your life better too.

    Your sister is “winning” because she is in your head. Dont let her live there rent free. Make sense?

  19. It’s more humiliating to stay with him when he acts like how much do you need to be disrespected. Be strong ask for help

  20. Super sus! And she needs to be understanding of your feelings. I wouldn’t want my partner to do that so I wouldn’t do that either, it’s that simple.

  21. From her perspective it’s a terrible idea. From yours it’s better.

    It ruins stability. If you both wanted children together soon (she’s at the age) then it’s a terrible idea for her.

    As long as you could do it without her then you need to decide if it’s worth it.

    Would you be willing to lose her? Is it worth that much?

    Only you can decide.

  22. He will go He doesn't care about your boundary, so be prepared to follow through with your choice..

    You've done what you can, and ultimately it's his decision whether your worth more than going on a trip..

  23. Well I guess you're a lot like me. Nobody can tell me how stupid some of the shit I do is. I have to fall out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down before I figure it out. Enjoy the trip down the stupid tree, my friend!

  24. And several other things. Thought my excessive pain was from Endo but it wasn't. Endo has an ugly cousin called adenomyosis where the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) grows into the muscle wall causing severe pain. Inflammatory conditions like Rheumatoid Arthritis can also cause severe pain which is what was happening in my case. The hormone changes every month we're causing my uterus to literally become inflamed and my RA just made it worse. Fibroids, even ones too small for an ultrasound to see, can cause pain. Her best bet is to see an OB and talk about options other than BC.

  25. I am in therapy. My therapist said to try it and if it just doesn’t work to communicate it with him and go from there. They have the whole story. That’s why I posted it to see what others thought. My therapist has told me to go try things that have made me so happy. They helped me find a job that I’m obsessed with because it makes me happy.

  26. Reading your comments, I don't think that you should get back together with him at this time. Maybe someday, but he needs more time to work on his sobriety and mental health. You need time to heal yourself and trust your gut (if you can get yourself into counseling, do so). Right now, neither of you needs a romantic relationship.

  27. This would be a dealbreaker for me. Both because I have several trans friends and because I couldn’t be with someone who disrespects a group’s basic humanity.

  28. No, my idea of a strong-MINDED partner is someone who knows what he wants and isn't put off by his partner's family's behavior. He doesn't actually have to interact with them that much … or at all, if he's that offended. But instead, he dumped her and their whole relationship bc he couldn't stand a couple hours of weirdness from people she didn't choose. Either this was a cheap excuse bc he was going to dump her anyway, or he's someone who is not going to stand up for his relationship.

  29. Your wife is a manipulative narcissist and will probably take advantage of people like you for the rest of her life.

  30. Does screenshots of text conversations count? Also, should I get a receipt of everything I bought for my child over the years, in case they try to falsely accuse me in court of not buying anything for her?

  31. Yeahhhhh thank god you posted this because I was like cracking my knuckles, preparing to write some super dirty stuff for him and then I scrolled by 40 cheesy pick-up lines and realized I must’ve totally misunderstood the assignment. All those suggestions are so cliche and, if anything, will only illicit an “awww” not an “????”

  32. Also just realized she’s only 20. Hardly anyone knows what they want to do by 20! Give her some time, it’ll come together.

  33. Girl ew. You know you aren‘t a prisoner and can do whatever you want?

    As soon as a guy tries to „compromise“ about what I wear, it‘s over for me. Super controlling for no reason. It also shows his views on women and this disgusts me.

    Dump him.

  34. I'm not sure I have hangups. I think it's fine for guys to do?

    I was addressing why OPs husband reacted that way to a logical option, largely because men are ridiculed for not working and raising children.

    I think it's nice you live! somewhere where that's not frowned upon. In most of the country, and the world, it still carries a stigma unfortunately.

    I don't understand why Reddit thinks I'm making a moral statement on what the husband ought to do.

  35. How would this be your faul? And most important how do you know shebis saying the thruh?

    She did it once nshe will do it againg!

  36. Not over reacting. You seem to have doubts and this seems to be a growing issue for you so this means Its time to change something. Has the amount of time increased that she spends with him? Has the communication between you both dropped recently? How has your relationship been up to now.

    If you have doubts, get tested for STD's

  37. This ain't just a red flag, this is billboard neon flashing lights saying ” Look at me and my toxic mentality that is going to play with your mentality “it's been 4 months, why the hell would you stay to find out? Trust your gut.

  38. sadly it’s very normalized. I just don’t want to be selfish and want to be there for him to talk to because he still hasn’t said much about how he feels about it

  39. I'm Latina and know full well how domineering Latin families can be, but if my partner left me out to dry like you did to bf, I'd have done the same. You're still young and haven't found your voice against your family yet. Take this as a learning lesson and never let it happen again. Good luck to you and your ex. Hopefully it works out for you.

  40. Yea it’s definitely not cool to keep doing that if you have told him multiple times you don’t like debating. He also probably isn’t doing it intentionally to upset you either, but you should definitely sit him down and tell him in no uncertain terms that you do not want him to keep doing this.

  41. Your girlfriend has shown you who she is.

    It's not about not liking cats. It's about the capacity for cruelty. Not just to the cats, but also to you. There's another major red flag on top of that and it's her conflict resolution skills. Which are apparently limited to “be passive aggressive and then demand absolute submission”.

    You wanna build the rest of your life with a cruel person who can't communicate? Or do you wanna kick her out and enjoy your cats who actually love you?

  42. Well then pay for it. It’s a pretty bad idea to get under water paying for a one day party when it could go to a down payment on a house or something.

    Maybe come up with a budget? Something you two can align on like 3-5k? Something you can afford yourself?

  43. Meeting with a friend is nothing to feel horrible about. If she's uncomfortable about you meeting a friend she's the one with issues not you.

  44. He cannot share you unless you agree. You are not his property. Your body your choice. Your comfort and security in your marriage is paramount. If he cannot understand this then he doesn’t respect you or your marriage.

  45. There is no reason to keep it up. The relationship ended, why none of their business. I would suggest actively working on dropping the habit of being verbally abusive. Get out of this relationship but work one the habit so it doesn't spread to your next one.

  46. In this case, it sounds like a mess. I can tell you right now, if you hypothetically take her back, ” (or at least prove to me that I can trust her while she drinks) ” cannot be an option. Your faculties dont exist when you are wrecked. People who would never cheat otherwise, cheat all the time when they are drunk. Blaming alcohol isnt an excuse because putting your self in a specific situation and drinking that amount of alcohol is a choice that was made, however once that choice was made and she reached that cognitive point of no return, its unlikely she would make any respectable decisions after that. If she truly regrets it and you are truly willing to forgive her, she needs to make lifestyle changes or else you both are just wasting your time.

  47. He is gross. This is victim blaming. Clothes also have proven to have nothing to do with assault or harassment. Women in a full niqab, burka, hijab, or chador are harassed on the street. Places where this is required women's bodies and autonomy is respected the least. It's my opinion that having the choice to cover your body or not forces men to respect us more. And if you want to joke but also tease him ask if He is saying men hurt women because the kneecap is so alluring?!? Ohhhh sexy kneecaps make them lose thier mind we all need to make sure we wear our skateboard knee pads with a skirt. This also helps us dodge and weave effectively to get away….He is just controlling and thinks he owns your body.

  48. When a person shows you who they are , believe them the first time. She showed you who she was. You should've believed her

  49. Fwiw. She’s a friend who lives in a different state. As I mentioned she’s a lesbian (it’s weird that I have to define that) and the conversation I have with her is almost identical to my business partner. Sometimes the answers are different but the approach is the same

  50. Tell all this to his mom, especially the part where he told his ex first instead of her about your pregnancy. Hopefully she'll understand you, be on your side and help him understand you. Maybe she'll even berate him for you.

  51. I have seen both sides of it.

    Some women get a lot of male friends who will fuck them if given a chance.

    Some women are “relegated” to platonic friend territory and considered unattractive and “one of the boys” even if they want to be desired and romantically pursued.

  52. Any advice would depend on what the unfortunate circumstances are. You should probably talk directly to your sibling, find out if they’re ok, tell them your feelings were hurt they missed your birthday and then try to listen to them about their relationship without making it about you and your previous relationship.

  53. Couple of things:

    Why is she relaying her friend's/family's questions about her relationship to you? Ask her to stop. You can't do anything about it (or them) and it's unnecessarily stressful for you to hear. From what you've described she seems to be a private person all around. So if she is not blasting it on social media or snogging in public, I'd not take it personally – because it is not, in fact, personal. She doesn't want to express to friends and family because she doesn't want to. That should be reason enough. She is not required to justify her Privacy Settings to you or anyone. It's only been three months, that's a blip of time. If you had said three years, then sure.

    Leave all of this alone. It's only playing into your insecurities. Enjoy your time together and see how it goes.

  54. 1) get a new therapist.

    2) you cannot control what they do or how they act.

    3) you can only do what YOU can do.

    Cutting them out is the right choice. They haven't respected you or your mother all this time and giving you their engagement as a present! That's beyond cruel. I would suggest contacting the police and filing a restraining order as well as sending them a cease and desist letter. You don't owe them anything. Tell the police the truth upfront before they make up some lies to get the cops to do some sort of “wellness” check on you.

    As for your wife. Validate her side in this, appreciate her support actively. Let her know you are on her side too.

    If possible MOVE, but that's a lot to think about.

  55. I'm sorry but your partner is asking too much of you. I can tell you from experience that you are going to run yourself ragged. You will be exhausted — too exhausted to nurture your relationship, too exhausted to raise children.

    Their family value of not hiring help is selfish and stupid! You WILL need help! This needs to be a condition of the deal — x number of hours per week, paid for by the brother. Not negotiable, and not for an occasional date night. Regular hours during work days and evenings and weekends.

    Finally, your husband is a dick to ask this of you when the brother can afford paid help & independence.

  56. I don't see an issue with it because both of you are older. However I personally wouldn't date someone that old because you have (if lucky) around 10 years before he starts having age related health issues unless he is very healthy and exercises a lot. I mean it will be fun for a few years then you'll be stuck being a caregiver. Women also live! longer than men so you'll probably end up alone by your 50s maybe if lucky 60s but thaya just how I see it.

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