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  1. Man I'll be downvoted here a lot but this f the roles were reversed it would be different. We all sometimes drop the ball and get comfortable with our partners but what I'm seeing here is that OP feels like she's settling because she's bringing in the most money. What's crazy is that I've seen with modern women(not saying that's the case with OP) when they earn more than a partner, the respect goes out the door, they feel like they're settling and resentment creeps in. These people have been together for a decade and I feel OP is nitpicking because I don't believe she's perfect herself in that relationship. Almost everything she's complained about comes down to money. It's almost the “girl you don't need him you can do better on your own and you pay most of the bills etc etc” mentality

    To each their own, yeah I feel like the bf could do more, but I was surprised OP hasn't spoken about encouraging him to do more, get a better job, maybe compromise or things he can do around the house because she does more of the financial lifting without emasculating him. I think good or bad times you gotta uplift your partner if you find they've been comfortable. The bf maybe comfortable because he's been with OP so long and she hasn't said anything about how she feels but I think that resentment has grown that even now while her Bf is now aware how she feels and pulling his weight, it's not enough. It sounds like OP had tapped out mentally and emotionally a minute ago but didn't let the bf in on why she was withdrawing… idk that's just my observation though ??‍♂️

  2. Appreciate it bud, half of my thought is ending this one for good for the amount of disrespect she is showing me in 2 months, atm i am just still feel sad of missing her. I just need a push from community for which road i should take ?.

  3. Girl, I'm with you. The expectation to be in constant communication is my least favorite part about modern dating. It's glorified codependency.

    If we talk all day about everything, what are we going to talk about when we're together?

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