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  1. I'm not who you asked but I'll answer because I feel the same way.

    If my bf went down on another woman, I'd be devastated. It's such an intimate act for the both of us as it involves kissing and pleasing someone with your mouth. Plus I know it's his fav part of sex and I know the attention he gives and blah blah.

    Honestly I'd rather him just stick his dick in another woman and call it a day.

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  3. ? the way you said “he don't mind” ??? like y'all have discussed it before he don't mind he knows its natural. Kitty boy knows what's up. He's chill as fuck. Tell your cat I said whats up.

  4. I know you said that he is often enabled by your future in-laws, but what I would suggest is having a very serious sit down with him. No coffee, no beer, no pizza, no chips, just 2 men on a porch or balcony or whatever. Look him dead in the eyes and tell him you being so on the level with him about this is a show of good faith that you are going to take him at his word and that no matter what he does, you will be marrying his sister and he gets to decide the tone of the relationship for the rest of your lives. Tell him in no uncertain terms that if he can't look you in the eyes and tell you he can put away the family jester bit so for one day so the most important day of you and his sister's life can be beautiful and everything you have both dreamed of, then he is welcome to not be a part of it, but he is not welcome to show and make y'all's day about him.

    You are both grown men. If he can't accept putting himself second for your fiancee for one day that plate is better eaten by someone who respects you. If he can't respect a serious boundary as a grown ass man, then he shouldn't be allowed to approach the fence.

  5. You should have been honest with your wife about your desires and how important they are to you.

    You have desires. everyone does. Thats what porn is for.

    Tell her you cheated. don't sugar coat it. Everyone has an excuse to justify it, but it just isn't. You lost control so you tell her so. What she decides to do is what happens. If shes not sexually on the same page as you, then you probably should have talked a lot more about your sexual compatibility before a child got in the picture.

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