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Date: September 21, 2022

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  1. If nothing else, this post should tell you a majority of people don’t find naming a child the same name as a deceased pet a deal breaker and hopefully that provides some insight.

    Your sister told you because she obviously knows it’s still a source of pain and didn’t want you to be blindsided but she falls into what (appears) to be the majority of people that find this a non issue. She told you out of love and caring. She wasn’t trying to hurt you.

    You shouldn’t cut her off. You should, as others suggest, work on seeing someone about your grief. You and your sister will have to agree to disagree though on the point of appropriate naming conventions.

  2. The best course of action is admitting to yourself that you have these feelings and being mature enough to let them pass.

    Time will heal. You will stop craving these relationships. You will see how this is the smart move over time. There is only trouble from this.

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