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  1. Her making an improvement and then going right back to the behavior that was the problem, is manipulation (according to a therapist) and quite unfair to be frank. You are not the problem

  2. You consume more then him, hence I’d call you the “cracked out loser” before him. Get off your high horse and check yourself

  3. I didn’t stop it, he left. I told him that convo was awful and he left to take my dog for a walk. We’ll probably talk about it again later but I really don’t want to argue with him

  4. What in the world!!!!! How old is this man!?!? Does he know what being in labor and delivering a baby mean? Is not about him, is about you and having the support that you need and want during the whole process!

    Take that comment seriously and really consider if you want children with him, or a life with him. He already showed you very clearly that what is important for him are his feelings and what he wants and it has nothing to do with your feelings and what you want.

  5. I wouldn't bother getting into a religious debate with him- he's using that as a pathetic excuse. So like you say, you need to get to the nub of why he doesn't want to on-line with you.

    Religiously it is to prevent you having sex, which you are already doing.

    So is he trying to hide his bad habits from you in case you back out of the marriage (unlikely I would say) or is he being a commitmentphobe?

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  7. No coming back, your prediction of never decorating for Christmas with him again will definitely come true.

    And while his actions would be enough to say you both should probably get therapy and counselling which might have worked if he was willing

    You doing what you did has stopped any chance of that ever happening, his last words to you are his prediction – he will never open up to you again, and depending on how bad his relationship with his mother is, he may never open up to anyone ever again.

    Be prepared for an ugly divorce.

  8. You’d be better off supporting her as a friend than a lover, cause it seems like you’ve never really been in love anyway. You can stay connected and still divorce, cause let’s be real, this doesn’t sound like it’s ever been an actual marriage. You’d probably have a nicer time hanging out and phoning each other every few weeks than trying to make this hot mess work.

  9. So you knew he was going to lose his license. You knew he was broke. You knew you didn’t have coverage and you knew it was snowing and your car had possible issues. And you still let him drive? He might be reckless and unreliable but you are at fault here. And no this isn’t victim blaming. You knew and still let him do it.

  10. This is heartbreaking. Now that you are approaching 40, you are looking back and assessing things and it seem like this is one your are going to regret for a long while. I wish this was a romcom and she was still single and you could have another chance but life doesn't work that way sometimes.

    Hopefully now you'll be more open to relationships with people of all types. Beauty fades but the connection you had with B clearly didn't. That's a darn shame.

  11. Masterbating is a perfectly normal, natural thing for humans to do.

    I honestly believe that a relationship that tries to prevent the people in it from masturbating is controlling and unhealthy. That includes needing to tell your partner if you have rubbed one out.

  12. Call Child protective service or your countries equivalent, contact your daughters pediatrician & cut contact with those who think it’s okay to drug a child

  13. My parents are mad he let his mum call me on his phone. Because he knew that she would ask me about my faith and ask me to be muslim.

    But you are right, she will blame it on me and I never want to talk to her again. Even told him to not let her know my full name, she scared me.

  14. Just dump her. Keeping your exes nudes is creepy at best, still have feelings for her at worst. Not sure what you’re doing dating other women with those still on your device.

  15. Just tell everyone, you dont really want a girl friend that can be manipulated into dumping you. You need a better girl than that.

  16. Well, one, working class families are more likely to fall for this.

    But, it's far more likely that they just go after whoever falls into the trap to begin with.

  17. I don’t think she will be going in for a treatment but I agree with her being vulnerable under the influence that she doesn’t know what she is doing but I have doubts regarding how much control she has when she is drunk.

  18. Beyond the bare minimum I try to do most of the domestic tasks. Even while I was in a cast, I cook, I clean. I do mental checks about his day. I know in a way he appreciates a lot I help him out with his music because that’s what I’m studying in college and he considers himself an amateur. He’s a teacher and I help him grade papers. I advocate for us to have date nights and I have planned vacation itineraries. In one of the comments I mentioned how when the shoe is on the other foot and he’s the one who has had too much im helping him out in any way possible (but it usually ends up being physically bc he’s a puker). I show up in all the ways I am able with hopes that I get the same. He doesn’t ask me to do these things, just how I don’t ask him to do most of the things he does for me. We just do it because we love each other. However, when I explicitly ask him to show up in a way I need, it’s not taken into consideration

  19. Please think about what your goals are. How could this possibly help your so? Angering an abuser usually makes him more dangerous, taking the anger out on…your so. Also even non abusive people usually don't learn from insults. Artwork in propaganda isn't aimed at the (dictator/president…) it criticises, it is aimed at the public. What are you trying to accomplish?

  20. You can end a relationship just because you don’t want to be with someone. If this isn’t the life you want, don’t go further in that direction. Why he with someone who treats you poorly? Walk away.

  21. Yes..? Obviously it's still your fault..? You did something terrible and you're expecting a pat on the back for being honest about it? You're not a kid anymore, you can't just return a stolen candy bar with an apology to the shopkeeper for stealing it and expect zero consequences.. The amount of sheer selfishness in your post and how oblivious you seem to be to it is amazing, this is legitimately how I would expect a teenager to reason.

  22. She probably doesn't like you because you're the one he complains to about his marriage. To me, it sounds like he's using you as an outlet to vent his frustrations. Which isn't inherently a bad thing, but her reaction says one of two things to me: She's controlling and manipulative, or she knows what he's saying to you and thinks you hate her like he does. Whatever the reason, it seems like they have a somewhat tumultuous marriage.

    You also have to realize that their marriage problems didn't start with you. Her ultimatum may be a long time coming.

    I'm not sure if you have, but have you thought of trying to befriend his wife too? Maybe invite her over to meet your wife?

  23. that would be a legitimate reason and I almost wish that was the case just bc then I’d have clarity. But I don’t think he was, so I’m even more confused

  24. Nope. I am definitely literate. Your problem is that your OP is vague and now you're mad at being told you sound like you're hung up on an ex for knowing everything about his life without providing proper context as to HOW you know it.

  25. He’s garbage and something tells me he probably has a porn addiction/problem. He doesn’t want you for you

  26. Wait, so has she been cheating then because it’s the same level of disrespect. That sounds more like a justification for some action she has done.

  27. I'd end it while she is gone. She planned a trip without you and withheld pretty major info on who she was going to be with. Plus,do you honestly think they aren't doing something? Cut the drama out of your life. Put her stuff at her parents, call and tell her it's over and move on. There are plenty of women out there to date that don't pull this crap.

  28. If you previously agreed to it then what can you do? Like others have said, teen porn is just a label and what it means is 18-20 (although often the actresses are older). Under 18 would be illegal and be considered child porn and I very much doubt your man is watching that. Even attempting to search for it or own it can often get you into trouble. These things are policed heavily on-line and rightfully so.

    That being said, men are naturally (biologically, almost involuntary) physically attracted to young women as those are the women who are most fertile and “in their prime”. Having an issue with that is like having an issue with biology or to draw another parallel: like having issue with the sky being blue. It’s just the way it is. However, if it is a big bother for you then perhaps you are simply not as okay with the porn as you initially thought. If you allow porn in your relationship you can’t be censoring and deciding what he can and can’t watch.

    Decide if this is important for your relationship or if you can just move past it.

  29. Yeah I’m going to give them all a message tomorrow and organise something, if I’ve got to sacrifice a bit of money and play bartender for the night it’ll be worth it in the long run. Thanks again, you’ve given me some great ideas. ☺️

  30. My sons dad tried to commit suicide when I was pregnant and again after our son was born. His therapist told me the best thing I could do is not give him what he wanted, which was to manipulate me. I cut him out after the second time. Visitations with my son went through his mom when he got better and then years later through his wife. I haven’t spoken to him in 15 years. My son is 16 now and has an ok relationship with his Dad.

  31. You say marriage, pull back on that thought. How many dates how often? What's the whole situation? This is vague.

  32. Your going to be alright. I don't know what to suggest to get better but keep on it. Wish I could be more help. You could try watching some hand job porn maybe. Thanks for the good man compliment .

  33. Statistically men who choke women in violent situations are the most likely to kill said woman.

    Get out.

    Before it’s too late. And I am a DV survivor. If you stay you’re showing him you will accept this treatment. And next time it will be easier for him to do it to you again.

    Leave. It will not get better. It will only get worse.

  34. Thanks. I think it's less about her patience. If anyone's impatient here, it's probably me. She's generally been great- sweet, kind, thoughtful. The conflict avoidance and lack of time is the sticking point for me.

    I think she knows this is an issue, but doesn't necessarily know it's reached the level of “I am thinking about ending this for now” or “I want to date other people” yet.

  35. Don’t be jealous, just end the relationship.

    She isn’t living with her ex, she is living with her bf and you are the side piece.

  36. So if you had a female friend who you were really really really close to and you told her you want to sleep with her, would she let you? Ask her that.

  37. Doesn’t matter. Shut it down. It could become an emotional affair if she’s allowed to contact him.

  38. I think you should go low contact with them for awhile. I know it feels like you're being punished for his actions but your family are choosing him over you by not respecting your more than reasonable decision. You should tell them that you respect yourself enough to not get back with a cheater. That they raised you with that self respect. That nothing they ever say or do will make you take back someone who betrayed your trust in that way. Make it clear that them keeping him in their lives is not okay. That you feel they are disrespecting you by acting like he did nothing wrong and that you will be going low to no contact with them because you don't want to be around people who can't show basic decency level of respect to family. Hell tell them if they love him so much one of them can date him instead but don't come crying to you when he screws them over.

    You deserve to be treated better by your family. Like is this guy rich or influencial or something? Cause I don't understand why they're pushing this so much. I think it's worth going low contact for awhile. They're supporting him cheating on you by trying to push yous back together.

  39. I didn't ask those questions for you to answer them here, but rather for you to reflect further on the nature of your relationship.

    It sounds like your girlfriend moved with you to be with you, but she did it for your sake only and is now expect you to be the focal point of her whole life, which is simply not sustainable in the long-term.

    Did you discuss any this at all before your move? Did you discuss her job prospects in the new area, your finances, household chores, anything at all? Or did you just let her move with you and hope everything would somehow work itself out?

  40. I really appreciate getting perspective from someone else with a similar issue, (not to call it an issue at all, I'm just really bad at wording things and I do apologize). He is the best, and I almost feel selfish for not understanding what he feels better than what I do. I'm deeply emotional and I love extremely hot with everything in me, and I will do absolutely anything for someone I love, and hearing it is just hard to grasp. He has mentioned smaller things about it, I should've gathered more of it sooner, but I also just sort of assumed he actually felt that way about me, and assumptions on my part do cause a lot of our arguments.

  41. I don’t know if I am or not, I’m just saying the truth. Most guys don’t delete their ex’s nudes the minute they break up.

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