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  1. Like you said , is the lies that kill , how is counselling going to help

    This is not the way to start again

    I would give her some real space , she clearly has no problems moving on

  2. her kids might be sick too if she was sick while pregnant with them or they touched her blood or something. you're risking their lives as well. heck, they could get it even from breastfeeding.

  3. Move on. Only wanting a casual relationship is one thing but the things he's saying and his poor manners suggest he's going to be a pain in the arse.

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  5. It’s not about pride. It’s about trusting your GF around your friends without her wanting to fuck them.

  6. One of the grossest things a guy can say is “you never told me it was a problem before, so you aren't allowed to ever have a problem with it. your one chance to speak up was the first time it happened.”

    When someone touches you in an unwanted and sexual way – and since he isn't doing this to men, only women, it is totally sexual – it can be incredibly very hot to speak up. There's this way men who do that have that steamrolls you, because they're already stomping on normal boundaries and you can't be sure how they'll react if you speak up to ask them to stop.

    And no one around you speaks up for you either. They see it happen and laugh it off and you nervously try to do the same and tell yourself it isn't a big deal, or you can handle it, and you try to because you know how people treat women who make a fuss about “that” kind of thing. Some people do manage to have the fight instinct instead of the freeze, but so many people have been conditioned to freeze.

    It takes time to gather your courage and say, hey, that wasn't okay with me. Stop doing it. And then the guys doing it or condoning it go – well, you didn't say anything!

    Guess what? She's saying something now. She couldn't say it back then, but she can say it now, and your reaction now is part of WHY she couldn't say it back then.

  7. Either way, it caused the family to fall apart.

    He doesn't understand this and it's causing a lot of issues with in the family.

    Your father is upset because your sister made her own choices for her own life. They weren't his choices, and they didn't follow the plan that he set out for her.

    When you say, “it caused the family to fall apart”, be very aware that “it” did not – your father did. He disowned her. He disowned her because his life plan was more important than her own adult choices for her happiness. She was not one of his subordinates in the Navy, she's his daughter.

    The only thing causing the issues in the family is your dad. Your sister is a grown woman who has made some decisions for herself, and they aren't even unreasonable – she fell in love with a man from another country and she changed careers. Like, who cares about those things?

    In all of this pressure to have others give up her contact info, has he mentioned apologizing? Has he admitted he was wrong? How old is your dad? Is he ill? It sounds like this whole, “who knows how long I'll be around” stuff is just manipulative guilt trips.

    He made his decision when he disowned her. That meant he wouldn't see any kids that she had. This is called the consequences of our behavior.

    Don't give in to him. He's a bully and a manipulator. Also, make sure to pay attention to his pressure on how you on-line your life. You get to make your own choices, too.

  8. Hm, I never like 'couple guidelines', mostly just like to do what feels good at that moment. But I think my partner also sees some things as part of having a relationship.

  9. Already booked her in for an std test. Appreciate the advice! I’m unsure whether to tell her upfront as you suggest, or use it as a test as the other comment suggests

  10. Yeah we really don't get a whole lot of these kinds of men on this sub. OP I hope you have many children

  11. Girl pack his stuff. Maybe just throw it in a bag. Put it outside and let him know he can take it with him because you are done. Don’t tolerate that.

  12. Yeah I saw that too, had to introduce myself to them every day. But I thought that once you stop the therapy the zombie/ memory issues go away. It’s just during the therapy phase? I’m sorry that this world is so nude! Sending love!

  13. Is this for me? Or was this supposed to be a post?

    Bro, that’s great news. I’m happy you’re worry free and that she succeeded in making the team.

    Thanks for sharing,

  14. It sounds like now you don’t trust her. So you need to speak to her. “This incident is making me nervous. Who was this guy and why was he giving you his info.” If he was some rando that approached her and then she ignored him, then fine. Are you both good with allowing friends of the opposite sex? And if you truly feel like she’s not telling the whole truth then maybe you should ask one or her friends. After that if you’re still mistrustful then you need to ask yourself what you want to do. Spending a year on a lease with someone when you feel suspicious is torture. Clear the air or move on.

  15. Yup. Nothing you can do but be miserable for the rest of your life… Since she obviously has no control of it

  16. This guy that doesn’t pay attention to you enough has flat out told you he’s wanting to sleep with someone else but not be in an open relationship with you? He’s trying to break up with you, and he’s making a plan to sleep with Alyssa.

  17. Well he also expressed his boundary wether you like it or not. Now you need to decide what to do with that information for yourself.

  18. He’s told me he plans on marrying me, and when we do get to see each other, he shows me that.

    You've been together six months. I would reel in those expectations a bit. If you can't have honest conversations about how your feeling, then this isn't a healthy relationship. Your relationship will not always be sunshine and butterflies. There will be very hot conversations needed to be had and if you're feeling this way because of how you feel or something he has done, I would definitely reflect on whether this is a relationship you should be in.

  19. even a civil discussion

    Would it be civil? I can't imagine it would stay civil.

    I'm in my 40s and I know there is a lot of stuff I just won't ever say. The thing is, part of why I won't say it is I know it won't matter. You can say all of this stuff to them and they won't truly acknowledge it or agree with you. In my case anyway, I don't know your parents.

    For me it's best to just move on. Get out of their house, become independent, live your own life.

  20. That’s fine, I see both sides. I was just confused with so many people acting like a 19 year old is a pedo for dating a fellow teen lol. It’s weird, but not that weird.

  21. My husband and I were also long distance (3.5hours apart) when we met and we stayed that way for a year before moving in together. Obviously once we moved in we got to know each other much more intimately but I certainly knew his flaws and he knew mine before we got to that point and we were fully in love before then too. This is clearly different for everyone but saying it’s unlikely for someone to truly be in love before living together or closing the distance just doesn’t ring true in my personal experience.

  22. That’s still rape, just because others have it worse, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t horrible. You have every right to be upset over this abuse. I’m sorry the person you loved and trusted betrayed and violated you. Please, for your safety, stay away from him. Seeing a counselor is needed to help guide you on this.

  23. Yes it's reasonable to be upset over the sleeping arrangements. Those are honest feelings you have and you need to sit her down and talk to her about it. You could also tag along and all of you stay together. Anyway, she may be of the mindset that because you haven't talked exclusivity that she doesn't have to do things she do if in a relationship. In the end she is probably still going and so is the ex=bf and they are going to stay in the same room. So you need to decide if things go that route what you plan to do. I think it all hinges on what you talk to her about, specifically being exclusive. When you do talk, be sure to stay calm, no loud voices and don't tell her, “you make me feel ….”, but rather, “I feel ….”.

  24. That’s exactly how I get as well. Whenever me and my boyfriend do some thing I literally get home and crawl into bed for like an hour with my phone hyper fixating on it because I need to like recharge myself it’s crazy. If you guys are doing activities together and then coming home there’s no reason that she should be like insisting that you don’t watch TV and you guys do like all of these in-depth activities together that would almost makes me think that she feels like you’re lacking and she’s like fighting to get closer to you do you know what I mean? She should be comfortable just laying down with you at the end of the day and relaxing without saying much. That’s pretty indicative of being comfortable in your relationship. You shouldnt feel like you need to be go go go.

  25. It happens while you felt a connection. You don't him at all. Is there something lacking in your relationship ? If you can't forget about him, then just end things with you boyfriend.

  26. Ok so the initial reaction of your boyfriend having a slight huff at finding out that laundry was a newly split chore was sort of reasonable. Everything after that is completely unhinged. I suspect this is about more than the laundry. Does he expect you to do all the chores? Or is it that you’re drifting apart? Or something else?

  27. Yea she definitely wasn't a naive idiot. She knew what she was doing and enjoyed the attention. Sounds like the type to cheat tbh

  28. It doesn’t matter. At your age the likelihood of this relationship lasting forever is minuscule. Who cares?

  29. “let fiancee live with mother”

    Good ARGUMENT!

    If you want to help.her: move over to her place and do so.

  30. If he wants to last longer, he should try going down on you when he’s getting close. Gives him a chance to cool down and helps to ensure you’re finishing as often as he is

  31. My daughter recently learned about choking and now it's a real concern for her… If she's eating vegetables.

  32. Not to mention, she told him she'd be okay with not getting married. So, presumably, she was happy to stay in the relationship as it was. And yet, just a little later, she feels that him not proposing is him taking her for granted because she wouldn't leave.

    Didn't you just admit you weren't going to leave, OP? You told him marriage was not a must, and then you feel him not marrying you is him presuming you won't leave him for it, as if that's now what you just told him?

    OP, it sounds to me like you're upset with yourself for not having higher expectations of your partner/relationship.

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