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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. This is the problem with early marriages. I think your husband in principle liked military life. My friends in the military like the structure and feel it is a safe and secure way of working.

    I doubt that he is glamorising the military life. He has been there done that so it is not like he a raw boy that think it is fun going out with a gun.

    Military life is interesting and there are a lot of options for the future. One have to remember – him failing in the navy must have been a huge disappointment. Have a feeling that the main reason is to show to himself that he is not a failure.

    I think you need more information about what he wants. Why is he going there. (Remember the 7 whys). What is his real goal. Not just getting back on track and show he is not a failure or finding a solid career. Being in the combat part is only a small part of the military. Does he wants to go the officer parth or NCO path. Does he want to specialise in. Technical issues, logistics or what? How does he see himself in 20 years when he stops being in the army and so on.

    Now it is time to ask, ask and ask again.

    And then to you. Why did you get married so young? What do you want from life. It sounds a bit like you wanted everything to be the same as before. If your husband wanted to be a game warden – you might anyway have to moved away from your family and friends. Time to make your and his expectations to yourself and your relationship clear.

    Maybe the line could be – you finish your studies and he starts his military career again and you will have a much better line on what you want. I think you better realise that he wanted to go into the military from day one – if you can work around it great – if not you have to accept you are not compatible in your life goals and divorce.

    BUT before that talk and communicate!!!!

    Be open, honest, respectful, tolerant and above all KIND when you talk. Maybe you will manage – just do mot damage your relationship with anger or disappointment.

  2. She wants to cheat and not feel guilty about it. How many explorations will she need in the future? Are you okay with being cheated on?

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