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  1. Hi Calasy, thank you for sharing me about your experience. I appreciate it. Right now, it's naked for me to decide whether I should distance myself or keep being close to her. I don't wanna hurt her feelings because I know she enjoys being my close friend but at the same time it hurts to know that she's just a close friend to me “)

  2. Thank you for your positive outlook on my post. I've always been very self-reflective because I think life is too long to not be the best version of myself. I know I'm nowhere near perfect though.

    I'll speak with my husband about the outright labeling me as a narcissist. I wish he had just blurt it out, but he seemed to have been thinking about telling me this for quite some time by the way he delivered the line.

    I am searching for therapists, thank you. I do have social anxiety but feel that I manage it pretty well. I know how to laugh at myself and move on from embarrassing moments although I never quite forget them.

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