Ex-wife(F36) shared on-line that I(M36) left her because she couldn’t have kids. Should I even say anything?


We divorced 3 years ago. We were trying for kids for about a year, but to no avail. One day, out of nowhere, she drops on me that she doesn’t want kids. I tried telling myself that maybe I don’t want kids also, so I stayed to work on our relationship for another year and ½. Needless to say, I realized that not having children was not for me and I definitely did want kids. When I told her this, she said that she still didn’t want any kids. It was over after that.

I am now in another relationship and engaged. My current partner and I are expecting and she announced it on instagram. She does have quite a big social media fanbase, so the post did get some attention. I’m not really interested in the social media, that’s her thing, I’ll appear in her videos occasionally but like I said, thing not mine. All was well, generally good responses. This was around 2 weeks ago.

I went to a gathering with some friends on Saturday. As soon as I walk in…silence. (These are mutual friends of my ex-wife and I). One of my actual friends pulled me aside and showed me something my ex-wife had said live and even attached pictures of us. What she said was so far from the truth. Think of it as a podcast style video, just not too long. She said that she was left because she was infertile. Then she started explaining how she feels like all the progress she made is set back to 0 because I announced I’m having a baby.

I mean this is…such a lie. She does have a low fertility rate, that part is not a lie, but I did not leave her because of that. I was very into exploring other options, but she did not want to, and I wanted to be a dad. We were incompatible at that point, that is why I filed for divorce. I prefer to keep all of this offline, so when I am asking should I say anything, I am asking if I should say anything directly to my ex-wife? I was thinking about 1. Asking her why she would lie and 2. Asking her to tell the truth (this might not happen, but might be worth a shot).

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Date: October 3, 2023

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