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  1. So I’ve already given advice for the obsessive thoughts, which may help. But as for behaviors, like visiting the social media of the ex over and over, you may have to set boundaries for yourself to not even get close to indulging the temptation. Like if you find yourself doing that the most at night in bed, charge your phone somewhere overnight away from your bed. That kind of thing. And if you are still tempted, use that technique of noticing and acknowledging the thoughts of temptation without suppressing them but without giving in either. That’s easier said than done, of course. It takes practice.

  2. Holy crap. I'm not judging, but being sexually active at such a young age is just bizarre to me.

    Check out the r/Swingers subreddit.

    Be prepared to lose your gf.

  3. BRO??? i’m a stoner and all but that seems downright abusive, children should not be consuming THC, especially edibles, grown people who smoke regularly are liable to get fucked up with edibles and he came them to a toddler???

  4. You’ve already asked this question. She clearly explained that she’s incredibly busy but you text for 2 days in a row anyway. As everyone suggested last time, it would have been wise to wait until a day or 2 before the 2 week mark and set a time. You probably blew it by not paying attention to her boundaries.

  5. I mean, it sounds like she has some sensory issues that she misrepresents or misinterpret as her being some kind of genius cultured vision of a woman with high standards for everything. If some food is to oils or whatever, that's not necessarily on the food, it's just her. No shade on her for it but why would you feel less than someone for being more tolerant of oily food.

    Some of the rest of this just sounds like she's an asshole. You say she's honest, so where is the list of random compliments she pays you and the world. If she cannot curate what she says from what she thinks does she never have positive thoughts?

    Realistically I'd end it, what part of this relationship is fun?

  6. So this is too hot. See it for what it is, you don't match well. Move on to the next one, dating is a trial run, this is the point.

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