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  1. Your worth or value or whatever crap they call it to make it seem like you are a thing rather than a person, is not and never will be determined by how many people you screw.

    Also, with all these doofus’s raving on about women being a virgin until Marriage (but it’s fine if he’s not) and then being faithful (even if he isn’t) need to ask themselves if women actually did that – who would they get to f**k?

  2. This this this. He’s trying to manipulate OP into being okay with exclusivity on her part without reciprocity from him. He wants girlfriend benefits without having to be a boyfriend.

  3. This is not a healthy relationship!!! OP please do not marry him, regardless of the pressure from your family. Seriously. He is controlling and verbally abusing you. If you accept his behavior as normal, it will only get worse. And it is much, much more difficult to leave an abusive marriage when there are children involved and joint finances. Trust me, you don’t want to do that.

  4. Yeah, I'm sure he'll be able to once we've discussed it. And I have no idea but you're right it can't be expected that life stops for everyone else!

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