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  1. Respect is so important in a relationship. You can't teach him to have empathy or to use his brain in social situations. His trauma doesn't give him the right to put it all on you. Try to surround yourself with good friends and family and tell him it's over. If you online with him, get a male relative to come with you and pack your stuff/pets when he shouldn't be home.

  2. I would honestly talk to him about this because it clearly made you uncomfortable. Talk to him about things that make you uncomfortable even if you think it’s silly because it really is important!! Especially to see how they react with the small things you bring up

  3. Your wife needs therapy because her sister has TRAUMATIZED her. And maybe couples therapy so you have a professional helping you reassure her. I’m so sorry you’re going through this.

  4. nah, I'm 100% sure it's real, people are fucked up and honestly capable of anything, there's really no limits to what's actually possible and no minimum standard for human behavior, don't be shocked, learn from this train wreck of a life and pray you don't make a mistake anywhere near what this guy did

  5. She doesn’t like you like that bruh, you’re just an option to her, a dog on a leash she can tell to heel. Break free, leave her alone and figure yourself out.

  6. Why would you start the convo there?

    I’d be direct and ask him to tell me exactly what their conversation was about. I would tell him it looked odd, and I don’t want to be left in the dark and in an awkward position if I’m ever around the neighbor lady.

    Seriously, if you married a person, you should be able to speak to them openly.

  7. Though, depending on where OP lives, there's a chance that this is a clear-cut legal case of possession, i.e., who bought the cat.

  8. Does it cross your boundary? If yes, then it's cheating. He doesn't get to decide what is considered cheating for YOU. Clearly, it crossed a boundary since it bothered you enough to bring it up to him. It's very scummy, and also, isn't it illegal to procure hard pictures to share against the senders' consent? Regardless, it's something that only absolute tools would do.

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