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  1. Why couldn’t she get her ‘needs’ met by OP while she was getting to know him? Worst case if it doesn’t work out, he’s just a another fwb. And if it does work out, it avoids this kind of situation.

  2. Attitudes towards finances are a major cause of divorce. You two sound incompatible in how you approach spending and saving. On top of that, he was a jerk about the book. I don't think this is going to be a healthy relationship as you both get older.

  3. but I respect her privacy and boundaries

    and don't mind if she replies that she's not into it. But I'm not receiving in positive or negative response.

    You're sorta saying two different things in the very same sentence. You shot your shot, she has not reciprocated, that's enough of an answer. To respect her privacy and boundaries, don't continue to make unreciprocated attempts at contact. Maybe she'll get back at you, if so great, otherwise you've already done everything you can. Don't step into the realm of harassment.

  4. They don't put in the effort to learn because they haven't suffered for it. You need to let them fail or nothing will ever change.

  5. You’re a fool if you think people won’t lie even if there are measures in place that can easily disprove a lie. My ex was the one who set up location tracking for us and yet she was the one that lied multiple times about her whereabouts. Lo and behold she was in fact caught cheating thanks to that tracking that she put in place and I had referenced several times

  6. Thankyou. To be honest the carpet thing, I don't mind not doing that, not at all. And within the initial conversation I also showed understanding that she is the one truly in her right to be affected by this. We are doing our best to create those new memories and will definitely succeed!

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