Gigi Atlanta


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Date: September 24, 2022

3 thoughts on “Gigi Atlanta

  1. First off, if he draws the line at it being a guy then he’s a pussy. The point of a three way is for everyone to enjoy, if it’s only about him getting a fun new experience then he may as well just pay some hookers.

    That being said it’s not always about you or you being enough, this is about him wanting to experience something he thinks is important.

    This request is all about him and his pleasure, nothing else.

  2. We love each other, probably she loves me more or I’m not able to show my emotions.

    I also would like her to try new experiences now as I was her first and only man, but at the same time I feel jealous.

    She told that she doesn’t want to know what I will do with other girls but I don’t mind. At the same time, during the relationship her fantasy was me fucking her girl friends but mine wasn’t her to fuck another man.

    I’m not understanding

  3. OP,

    I totally get where your coming from and your beliefs.

    I totally get where she is coming from and her beliefs.

    If the two cannot afford a place together with the high costs with renting they need a third and if the only option is a male, that is what there going to take. I am sure she is on a time crunch and without this male moving in she could be homeless. So what are you going to do to make sure she is not with out a home?

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