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Goddess Maggie and Josh, 20 y.o.

Location: Colorado

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Goddess Maggie and Josh live! sex chat

Date: September 20, 2022

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  1. Your fur kids are definitely an indicator of your future if you two had human kids together. Cats are good at reading personality too. Your elder cat is sensing something you've not noticed. I've known many cats, both my own and other people's. The closest I have to my own cat at the moment is the neighbour's cat. He and I get along well, and while I wish he was more sociable, he did trust me early. He does purr a lot around me, whether there's food on offer or not.

    I think your elder cat is right. She's feeling stressed because of him, and she senses the animosity he feels towards you and her. Which is why she's hissing at him, she feels cornered and unsafe. For me personally, his behaviour would be a deal breaker. Anyone being both neglectful and incompetent about cats in the house, I could never act like he does around them.

  2. thank you for all the advice. he has mentioned to me hes trying to move on and enjoy/have fun with stuff that happens and not think about the sad. still ends up sad at the end of the day. ๐Ÿ™ i hope it is just him processing things… and that itll get better.

    i am paranoid as an anxiety ridden overthinker that him doing this could make the emotions build up again but ill try to sway and ease him with indirect comforts from my actions. pray for me dear god i am the dumbest mf woman on this planet but i am trying my best.

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