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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Is your wife’s maiden name “Biden” by any chance? Lol

    Seriously, you are 100% correct here as far as you showering with your daughter. It is wholly inappropriate. There is zero reason a 3 year old girl should have a man’s hot penis in her face. If your wife doesn’t comprehend that, then you need to drill down into her psyche to see what childhood trauma she’s experienced. I don’t think it’s ideal for her to shower with your 3 year old daughter either, but being the same gender there less confusing territory should a question arise.

  2. Full transparency, I’ve been riding motorcycles for nearly 30 years and I am still fine.

    From my extensive experience, 90%+ of motorcycle deaths are a combination of idiots in cars and not wearing proper protective gear.

    Those same idiot’s could also get you killed if you’re in a car, maybe just not quite as likely.

    OP: you’re coming as controlling and untrusting. You need to decide if this a hill worth dieing on and if so, this relationship is over

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