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89 thoughts on “Happy-dollslive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Its something i've struggled with in the past, i can't give a permanent solution to the the problem, but i just jerk myself off and finnish either in her mouth or just in the closest rag or blanket avilable to me atm, hope this can help u bro 🙂

  2. I had my own place when we met then I lost my job so we stayed in my car. Then I lost my car and we moved in with his ex… Now it's like he shows her more attention than me, she comes first and he will barely take the time to have a conversation with me. He's always doing for her which I understand to a point… This situation is emotionallu draining

  3. Ouch, if your girlfriend goes on that trip you’ll have resentment for her. And she will keep choosing her friends over you. Speaking from experience unfortunately

  4. It is very common for couples to give each other consent to initiate sex while they’re sleeping. It’s completely valid.

  5. Is there an adult you can trust and bring this to them? Parents, someone at school? Someone you can talk with that wont put her at risk.

  6. Where was your family vacation that he felt so unsafe that he felt the need to open carry, Syria?

    Give me a break. I would be beside myself if I went on a family vacation and my sisters boyfriend showed up with a gun on his hip. Like, I would leave. It’s a nonnegotiable for me, I would not feel safe sitting down for dinner with someone who clearly has a fucking weapon.

    This is not about politics, it’s about safety. Only gun nuts try to spin it as a political debate but it isn’t. Bringing guns to places only increases the number of guns in that place, you are not more safe for it and you are actively terrorizing other people.

    Your mom has every reason in the book to be uncomfortable with your boyfriend bringing a gun to family dinner. He brought a gun to family dinner. That’s bonkers. He’s 14 years older than you and needs to bring his emotional support gun everywhere he goes, of fucking course your mom lost it.

  7. Seems like you actually got annoyed at him first. You snapped at him, so he went to bed. And you stayed up crying? And then left cause he asked how long you were planning to sleep?

    Sorry but it’s definitely you not him.

  8. My husband is short and about 5 inches shorter than me. When I first met him, I didn't even consider him a potential partner until after I knew him for a few weeks and realized what an amazing man he was and got a huge crush on him. Society just has a bias against short men and most women are trained to be like that. You grow up being praised for growing another inch and I was always told to date someone tall because I was a tall girl.

    My brother-in-law in middle school also was AMAZING at basketball. He didn't make the team, but asked coach if he could stick around as a backup. After a few weeks, coach saw him play and made him the star player. Always started with the ball. But he didn't even try for high school, because of his height.

    Your son unfortunately is going to have a lot of disadvantages in life in terms of sports and dating. 5'1″ is quite short, was there nothing medically to help? I know Messi had a medical condition where he had to take shots every day as a kid to help him grow. My BIL took some milk as a kid that was supposed to help him grow. Maybe just getting him a gym membership (if that's what he wants) and making sure he's eating right. But other than that, he is just going to have to go through life. We all have different advantages and disadvantages in life we can't always control. You got to work with what life gives you.

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  10. So you led a guy on and even had sex with him to “have fun” and you and your friends laughed about it and now you're mad at HIM? You are a piece of work.

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  12. Yeah I commented a bunch on his posts about this and have to let it go because he's so uninformed it's actually painful. I just helped my friend leave a long term relationship in which they weren't married and it was equally if not more complicated because they weren't married, and they live! in a province with pretty strong common laws. But it was still hugely messy and complicated and she ended up giving up a lot of money because she just didn't want to deal with it. Had they been married it wouldn't have been as very hot to pursue it. Ugh

  13. Love isn't enough for a healthy relationship. It takes work. I mea', it already takes work working on yourself, evolving and growing up, how could it not take work to do it with someone else whose thoughts you can't read!

  14. I’m sorry this seems to have caused hurt and distance between you two. I hope he didn’t guilt you and that you can feel confident knowing and expressing what you need. Quality sleep is important!

  15. Talk with her and tell her how you feel. Make it about you. You’re his sone, you’re her son. Your dad has decided to go off on another life without your mom and your mom needs to deal with it, not blame it on you. Blame it on your dad. She can hate him all she wants, but it’s unfair to you to hate you as well. You’re not condoning anything. It’s your dad’s life, not yours.

  16. Spermicide and female condoms are a thing, although if you're sensitive it might not be good without first kinda testing it out on your own terms. If you're anything like me hormonal BC is not an option (makes me want to unalive myself). It could work for you though. Stay away from Yaz and IUDs.

    If these alternatives don't work for you, tell him to buy bigger condoms and stop crying.

    I've had great success with the pull out method but I also religiously track my cycle and if it's too close to my ovulation window I won't do it.

    Just so you know, if he goes in without a condom against your wishes, that is in fact rape.

  17. Don’t talk to her about, just try being more dominant+kinky and less lovey dovey + throw in some dirty talk, she’s obviously hankering for this

  18. That all makes sense – and I think it is a problem. Right now you are basically in a relationship except you're not. I don't think that he gets to have that without agreeing to be in a real relationship. Whatever is lacking in terms of affection obviously works for him, so that stipulation feels manipulative and unfair.

    Are you willing/able to give more detail about what sort of things he wants in terms of affection?

  19. Not even good dick would convince me to stay there. Girl moooooooove. Get out of there! Your expectations were just listed and he meets none of them. You change your scene, your life will change for the better and you’ll eventually meet someone with higher standards that you want and desire. Do it for yourself or your life will quickly get worse.

  20. You need to set boundaries and stand up here. And people are throwing a lot of misconceptions about kink into here but dude is selfish. He's giving the kink community a bad name and breaking your trust and causing you to resent him.

    Are you receiving aftercare from him? Cuddles, water, affirmation, etc.? It doesn't sound like it.

    If y'all can't both communicate together about sex and what your boundaries and needs are, you shouldn't be having sex.

  21. Your wife and her family are supremely messed up. I'm so sorry she just doesn't seem to get it. How very sad. I'm not sure how you can tolerate so much nonsense? Her family is incredibly dysfunctional.

  22. Boy: Mum am I allowed to buy lollies with my pocket money .?

    Mum: Under no circumstances it’s for healthy food

    Boy buys lollies

  23. Well, your English is so good I never guessed it's a 2nd language!

    With these added details, it sounds like both of you are paying way too much attention to friends opinions. This makes me wonder why you're talking so much about your relationship. It's fine if you want to discuss it with one person, but if you pick the right person, you're discussing it because you want their opinion.

    It still reads like you don't know what you want.

  24. It sounds like your mother has a routine of dropping off and not coming inside because you've made her feel like an invader. She's nice enough to go out of her way to pick up something for her grandkid and drop it off and you treat her like a freaking drive-through. Then make her wait…it can't be the first time either. That's really respectful.

    Who cares if your house is messy or your wife isn't picture perfect. Do you really think that when your mom had young children she was a perfect stepford wife with a picture perfect house. Please let's be real.

    And be honest. She drops things not only for you kid. She has dropped things off for you all. You both are awful to your mother. Learn some respect.

  25. He is still feeling the recovery of the divorce to bring it up this quick.

    until you see him in person, you dont even know if you will see the sparks.

    No a deal breaker, but a sign to watch

  26. She is intelligent enough to help him whilst sacrificing her youth, mental and potentially physical well being, he is helpless enough to need her rather than a professional and his family. Interesting

  27. I agree with this as well. We’ve had some talks in the past about future, but while getting sober, I’ve always been focused on one day at a time

  28. Many times I will tell him I need time to think about something and it will slip my mind. Later on, he will inform me that we need to make a decision that day, and he will expect me to make a decision on the spot. I've asked him to remind me, but he's said he doesn't want to nag me.

    So how comes you're not actively working on that? It's not your husband's job to carry the emotional load for you.

    He told me to look under the lamp. When i lifted it up, I found a folded note that he wrote. “It was a naked decision. It's not a reflection on you. After so much time it doesn't make sense. It's just easier.” It was dated right after we moved in, three years ago.

    You clearly have deeper issues going on.

  29. Your comment where he is your only friend may be the issue. Your relying on him as your only social outlet may be the pressure he’s talking about. You say you’ll fix it but how. Sit at home alone just waiting for him to come back when he’s with friends? You need to develop friendships or hobbies outside your bf so he doesn’t feel that pressure.

  30. He wants to be financially separate when it suits him (even for absurd things like kids and pets) but have joint finances all of a sudden when it suits him???

    And how would the renumeration and rewards structure of this business be oriented? He would get all the rewards and you just the privilege of co-signing the loan, cause the business was his idea?

    I'd say a very hot no. Especially and most importantly, do not agree to be a director of any corporation, even and expe if it's only being a director in name. In Canada where I live!, a director of a corporation is responsible for ensuring that that things like the payroll taxes and goods or service taxes (VAT, for our international audience) get remitted to the government. If this is not done, the government can go after the personal assets of the director of the corporation, and it doesn't matter when it turns out that they were a “director in name only” and that that de-facto director was someone else – the government will still go after the director whose name is on the documents, and that person is legally responsible. So, a husband could put his wife as a “director in name only”, she agrees to it not knowing what it entails, he defaults at payroll and service and goods taxes, the government will go after the director of the corporation for what they call “unremitted trust funds”, the husband divorces the wife, and she is stuck with this corporate debt and now her personal assets are on the line. And it doesn't matter that a corporation is a separate legal entity, because the director is personally responsible for ensuring that these trust funds (payroll and service and goods taxes that are charged to clients) actually get sent to the government.

  31. you do realise masturbation and porn don’t go hand in hand? she didn’t say she had a problem with masturbation

  32. A wank you just jerk off into a towel or a sock like a commoner. A posh wank is when you use a $2.00 condom for a mess free, pre-lubed jerking experience.

  33. My partner has raised his voice to me on a few occasions and called me names.

    Verbally abusing a partner isn't a character trait.

    And I'm sure he can put the brakes on at work or in company. I highly doubt he's yelling at his boss or calling his friends names.

  34. Unless you're prepared to have a baby with this person (which would be insane at just two weeks) you shouldn't have sex with her. Unless you're a very religious person you should probably bail on this.

  35. OP this is the best advice. Feel him out and see what happens. Then you have your evidence if he does act sketchy so he can’t gaslight you

  36. Nope. Sorry. Totally disagree with everyone here.

    Ok yes – on principle, we should all be capable of self assurance and not fishing for assurance. HOWEVER this is a game as old as time. We feel insecure, we ask for assurance. He should have known this was a cue to say ‘but I love your boobs!’. That’s the way it is! Or he should have kept quiet, and remained completely neutral (no face! The face counts!). I do it to men, men do it to me.

    OP for what it’s worth I feel like he’s just totally goofed and was maybe trying to be empathetic and not seem like he was mansplaining your own feelings to you. I’m sure if you asked him, he’d say of course he loves every bit of your body and wants to have sex whenever he’s around you. However you have to figure out whether him not catching on to cues when you want reassurance is going to be a huge issue for you.

    I had something similar happen with an ex where I asked what he thought about me without makeup. It was a whole conversation. I looked pretty alright without makeup but he goofed and stuck his foot in his mouth. However it was one of several communication and compatibility issues and it was the end of the line for us.

  37. I'm straight and the only time my lips would touch someone else's of the same sex is if I'm giving them mouth to mouth. He's absolutely bi and you need to set boundaries because to me all of this is absolutely cheating.

  38. I hope this is fake because wtf kind of scrub man did you marry? How long were y'all dating and why would you marry a 22yr old?? I just have so many questions ?

    Idk about your experience but most 22yr olds I've met (including myself here too) are/were idiots.

  39. Maybe he's attracted to you, the whole package. And wouldn't want to change a thing about you because he thinks you're just so darn perfect as you are.

  40. You sound like an asshole lol. do you even like your wife? I would be heartbroken to see my partner talk about me the way you do her….

  41. Can you give her custody if you don’t want an abortion? It’s your right to choose, but you really need to think of your child. Even if you’re a miracle person he can muster up feelings for, your child will almost certainly not be.

  42. So let's back up. Cervical cancer is absolutely caused by HPV infection but is associated with certain strains of HPV. As a 22 year old is reasonable to perform a Pap smear but cytology is a pretty low sensitivity test and it is used to screen for cellular changes associated with the development of cervical cancer. It's important to not fear monger. She should be tested for HPV, given the circumstances but she should also be vaccinated asap. Don't be alarmist and ring the cancer bell like that. Also your understanding of how HPV causes cervical cancer is completely incorrect. It does not lie dormant and randomly reactivate to cause cancer. Certain strains of HPV are high risk for the development of cervical cancer but most HPV strains are not highly correlated with cervical cancer development. Yes it's always best to use barrier protection.

  43. I asked a colleague once, if men think about sex 3 or more times every minute, how do they ever get any work done? He replied that their brains can multitask.

    You should view these journal entries as written daydreaming, catalogs of his fantasy life. I probably wouldn't fess up. Act as if you had never seen them. And judge his suitability as a partner on things you didn't read in his journal – things like how he treats you, his reliability, etc.

  44. Wow OP you have sent so many mixed messages 1. I do trust him 2. I don’t trust her 3. I’m not worried about anything actually happening 4. But it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if something does happen 5. I’m not worried about him cheating 6. Whether he puts a stop to it or not It’s not nice to hear about about her trying to have sex with my boyfriend.

    First you clearly don’t trust him “it doesn’t mean it won’t hurt if something happens”

    Second your boyfriend should be 100% capable of shutting this girl down so hot that she can neither talk to him or talk about you

    Third if you felt secure in your relationship you would give zero f**ks about what she says about you. It’s not like anything she says is going to change his opinion of you. If he really loves you his feelings aren’t flexible or fragile.

    I would pull your self-confidence together and let him go. If you’re together, long-term, this will not be the only test for loyalty, he faces.

    Also ultimatums are terrible for relationships, and they never work long-term.

  45. First of congrats, those are huge life changes and you should be proud. Most people never do a fraction of those things their entire life. Well fucking done! Your dude is most def jealous, insecure and threatened by the new you. You’re at that interesting part of long term relationships where things can get weird. Usually one or the other in the relationship will have made major changes by that time. You’ve changed A LOT and your partner is probably scared they are going to lose you and they’re lashing out because they probably felt they had more control and we’re more comfortable the way things were earlier. You’ve done nothing wrong, but unfortunately people do change, we need to challenge one another and communicate to keep things from getting out of control. Sometimes we change so much it’s time to move on. That’s just life and most relationships are finite. I’ve been on both sides of the picture and unless there’s communication things will just get progressively worse. Problem with a lot of folks is once they’re in a relationship for awhile they get really comfortable, get in the same routine, things can get boring and any major change can throw everything out of wack in their eyes.

    The most important thing is to have a serious talk and convey both of your true feelings. Your person is most def afraid they are going to lose you, they might feel like shit that they’re not good enough and are probably creating really toxic scenarios in their mind as to why you changed, thus the jealousy and anger. Obviously that could have been solved with them just talking to you, but people are stubborn. I think it’s incredibly healthy for people to have their own activities and hobbies, it makes things exciting because the other partner can show you something new they’re excited about. It’s also healthy to have things you both do together that you both enjoy. Seems like games were that connection and that may be really important to your dude. That could have lead to that original spark and in his eyes, you not liking it any more could lead him to thinking you’re bored of him. If you don’t have a serious talk and both of you actively try to work on things then unfortunately the relationship will crumble. He’ll continue getting more jealous and angry and you will start to resent his hatred and start to pull away. I hope you both can find common ground and continue things. That being said if you can’t don’t sacrifice the positive changes you’ve done for yourself as a compromise to save things. That never ends well.

    If things have gone too far, the spark is gone and you know he won’t accept the new positive you then cut it off. You’ll both just be miserable and there’s nothing worse than prolonging a relationship that isn’t working. I hope that’s not the case, but unfortunately sometimes that’s the best answer for both your sanities in the long run. Talk to him, not just others, that’s were the true answers will come. Keep in mind despite his lashing out and anger are probably defensive postures, because he’s scared he’s losing you.

  46. OP, you have left a lot out here, like how long have you been dating? What kind of help will you expect from her? How long will she need to stay with you?

  47. he keeps saying he’s “going to change” and that “it’s all going to get better”. I need to leave but I need to not go back and I don’t know how

  48. A psychiatrist might be a better choice than a therapist. Psychiatrists are MDs with a specialty in mental health.

  49. Ouch ? I’d straight up ask him about it. If you want to be with someone who finds you funny, you guys may not be compatible. Try to narrate how it made you feel, and less accusatory. You got this!

  50. TBH sounds more like hes been strangling it so long he cant get off any other way.

    I would seriously rethink moving on, or replying back that you can get a good vibrator for $100 that will do the trick just fine. the $1400 is really for HIm not you

  51. Sounds like you're engaging in an emotional affair. What are you doing to communicate with your boyfriend? Are you doing anything to bring some excitement in? It sounds like you're over it, so it's best to move on.

  52. This guy is older, clearly creeping on me, and offering me booze. Let's hang out, open up to him, and give him my phone number.

    Honestly, I've been in poly/open relationships, and even then this would have raised an eyebrow.

  53. Good that you have started therapy. I'm sure you know that it takes time so give yourself some room to grow. If the therapist isn't a good fit, try another. Good luck with the apartment hunt. It can be tough these days.

  54. BAIL ON MARRIAGE. I REPEAT, BAIL ON MARRIAGE. Or you will be living with your mother in law until the day she dies. At 64, you're looking at 30 years!

  55. for real – at least in high school theres the close vicinity and everyone knows everyone excuse. in college, worst case scenario some frat dudes know u hook up with someone and talk about you behind your back and you easily have the choice of never going back to their house

  56. Astonishingly horrific is the word.

    Narcississtic is another word that came to my mind. They give me the creeps.

  57. If love isn’t enough then there’s other problems she can’t deal with? She said to me that I’m constantly telling her we don’t talk enough or see each other often, but it’s the truth. Maybe I should stop saying that. I care for her so much. Lord knows I do. She even explicitly told me”I don’t doubt that you love me”.

  58. I was invited, but honestly I think there is a chance I was invited because my boyfriends mother encouraged it. My boyfriend says he doesn't know for sure, but agrees that could be the case.

    We have not even meet by video chat. My boyfriend is convinced that it is because of him. He was pretty bummed last summer when she didn't want to visit, and she didn't really give a “reason.” All of the information I have points to pretty innocent reasons, but he is worried, and feels like she is taking him out of her life. He does have some guilt over her early childhood, I don't know what she feels about it, or if they have talked about it.

    Boyfriend doesn't know how to handle it for sure. He sort of invited me to her graduation months ago when she did not even know about me. His mom and I had to strongly encourage him to let her know I existed. He is truly wonderful and caring, but can be socially weird, which is fine for me, because I can be too. It does make stuff like this a bigger challenge.

    As for phone number I completely understand what you are saying. She could get my number if she wanted it. I really wouldn't be surprised if her grandmother already gave it to her. I just want to make her understand that I would really love to get to know her.

  59. These aren’t his friends, they are three people who feel possessive of him and want to fuck him. They hate you because he’s dating you, it has nothing to do with you. Your boyfriend likes the attention they give him, and he flirts with them juuuust enough to keep their hopes up. It’s a codependent mess and I would excuse myself from this situation.

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