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  1. Assuming your mom knows your in therapy and you told her that when you are around your sister you get dragged back down and thus your reasoning explained.

    I feel like the following needs to be said to your mother.

    Your a bad mom, trying to guilt trip your daughter who already isn't feeling the best emotionally even worse and somehow expecting that to solve all the problems in the world. You probably didn't mean it like that and I understand you want everyone to be happy. For that to be actually true and more than just a farce that can break at any moment. You need to support both your daughters by actually listening to them and stay neutral and give it time. Only thing you can do is deescalate when fights break out and facilitate a reconnecting talk when both parties are ready. I know it's naked being in the middle of that. But if you want a close family than that is the investment you have to make in to that.

    With that out of my system because it really felt like I needed to stand up for you in a way.

    I want to say is that you really aren't at fault and that maybe you should take a closer look to your relationship with your parents and how that might have effected your mental health over your life. Because it sounds to me that your mom either is very manipulative or has a favourite child. Anyway you can only build on a strong foundation so make sure your mental foundation is solid before building any (including family) relation on it.

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