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  1. If you're after pretty with no needs, they're making some really realistic dolls these days. No empathy or humanity needed on your side at all. Sounds perfect for you.

  2. A prenup is supposed to protect BOTH of you, not just him.

    This is a red flag. He's setting it up so he can screw you. He should – especially at this hopefully lovey dovey stage of the relationship – be bending over backwards to make sure you're okay financially, whatever happens. The fact that's not his plan? I'd be very concerned. He wants you barefoot and pregnant.

    Take a step back and reevaluate. If he insists it's his way or the highway – take the highway.

  3. Why isn’t she going to therapy if she has depression?

    What’s her plan to overcome it?

    You aren’t just giving up. Don’t choose someone not willing to do the same work as you.

  4. She may be sad now, but this whole debacle is proof those people were never her friends to begin with. Besides, does she really want people who are okay with this kind of shit in her life?? She is way better off. I have very few people close to me for this reason. I'm glad you know your girlfriend well enough to trust that it was all a lie, and I wish the two of you well!

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